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Datmo and One Concern Join Forces

Almost four years ago — in the halls of the Gates building at Stanford — co-founders Anand and Shabaz started discussing their vision to help industries take advantage of artificial intelligence in their processes and products. Leveraging shared backgrounds in AI and cloud infrastructure, they set out to help data scientists and machine learning engineers across the globe operationalize their AI models to maximize their impact.

Since then, the Datmo team has been fortunate to develop key partnerships with customers from both traditional and technology industries. We developed a suite of software technologies to simplify machine learning workflows and deliver applications with delightful AI-driven experiences.

Today, we are excited to take another big step towards delivering the advantages of operationalized AI to solve one of the most impactful problems in the world — fighting the impacts of climate change by making disasters less disastrous. Today, Datmo is joining hands with One Concern.

Our decision to join One Concern was not taken lightly, but ultimately we found One Concern’s mission of advancing science and technology aligns with our mission to maximize the impact of AI through the operationalization of models. Working in concert with the awesome team at One Concern, we are confident we will more directly impact lives through AI.

We would like to thank our earliest supporters, our customers, and our investors — Pear Ventures, Deep Fork Capital and others — for believing in our vision. We also owe deep gratitude to our families and friends for supporting us throughout the journey. Building a company is a team sport, and we are fortunate to have one of the best teams, without which we would not have been able to make this exciting journey possible.

Onward and upward!

— The Datmo Team




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