KuCoin Review (2022): How to use KuCoin Exchange (Step-by-Step)

If you are looking for an exchange with full criteria such as prestige, quality, and safety, then this article is for you. In this article, DauTuThuDong.Com introduces what is KuCoin exchange? Guide you to create an account, set up security, and trade on the KuCoin exchange.

More specifically, DauTuThuDong.Com is a partner of the KuCoin exchange, so it receives many incentive programs for newcomers. I will also guide you to register to immediately receive a Bonus from the exchange (limited quantity per month).

What is KuCoin?

Kucoin is a digital asset exchange launched in 2017 based in Seychelles. Since its inception, the KuCoin exchange has grown into one of the largest global exchanges by trading volume and now has over 10 million users and a presence in over 200 countries.

What is KuCoin?

KuCoin provides a wide range of financial products for traders, investors, investors, and developers of ICO and IEO financial projects, including Spot trading, margin trading, futures contracts hybrid, P2P Fiat trading, Spotlight (IEO fundraising platform), leveraged trading, Pool-X, Trading Bot for auto trading, Staking…

KuCoin has issued its token, also known as a “coin of exchange” as a KCS coin, users holding KSC on KuCoin will receive some private benefits. KCS holders enjoy lower transaction fees, daily rewards, and many other benefits.

Basic information about KuCoin exchange

  • Home page: https://www.kucoin.com/
  • Register: Link
  • Main location: Seychelles
  • 24H Trading Volume: ~ 38840.8 BTC
  • Mobile app available: Yes
  • Is decentralized: No
  • Company: Mek Global Limited
  • Fiat payment: Credit Card, Debit Card, Crypto Transfer
  • Fiat supports: USD, EUR, GBP, AUD +
  • Number of currency pairs: 500+
  • Token: KCS
  • Transaction Fees: Low

Features of KuCoin

KuCoin has grown into a leading cryptocurrency exchange for traders and investors. The exchange has developed attractive cryptocurrency services, including Spot money, futures trading, escrow, passive income services such as staking and lending, and an IEO launchpad to raise capital… What’s more, Kucoin has many outstanding features such as:

  • Buy and sell over 500+ cryptocurrencies with low transaction fees: As one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges today, KuCoin supports a wide range of crypto assets. In addition to bonuses and discounts, the broker charges a fee of 0.1%.
  • Buy cryptocurrencies with fiat currencies: The exchange supports buying cryptocurrencies with fiat currencies such as USD, EUR, CNY, GBP, CAD, AUD, SGD, VND, etc. KuCoin allows you to buy crypto with fiat using P2P fiat transaction, credit or debit card through Paypal, Zelle, Perfect Money, WebMoney, ADVCash, Simplex, Banca
Features of KuCoin
  • Fast customer support: The support team works and supports users 24/7 via the website, Email, Telegram, and other channels.
  • Ensuring customer assets are safe: KuCoin uses a variety of security measures, including cold storage of assets, multi-level encryption, multi-factor authentication, and a dedicated internal risk control department to monitor daily data activities under strict security standards.
  • Margin and KuCoin Futures Trading: Supports trading of cryptocurrencies with up to 100x leverage!
  • Earn Cryptocurrency Passive Income: Users can lend crypto, stake KuCoin Shares (KCS), and KuCoin Spotlight to generate profits.

Review of KuCoin exchange


  • KuCoin has low Maker and Taker fees, starting at 0.1%.
  • Easily set up automated trading bots to generate investment profits.
  • There are many products to help users earn passive income
  • Support users to trade on Demo account, aka KuCoin Sandbox
  • Support a variety of fiat payment methods
  • Advanced forms of trading, including futures and margin trading
  • 24/7 enthusiastic customer support


  • The user interface can be difficult for beginners to get used to.
  • Limited user manual resources

Products of KuCoin exchange

Trading KuCoin Futures

KuCoin launched its Futures platform (formerly known as KuMEX) in mid-2019. The feature allows users to trade Bitcoin (BTC) and Tether (USDT) margin contracts with up to 100X leverage. That means you can trade contracts worth up to $10,000 with just $100 in your account.

There are two versions of KuCoin Futures: one for beginners (Lite version) and one for more experienced traders (Classic version).

Trading KuCoin Futures

KuCoin Futures calculates the underlying Spot price using a weighted average price from other exchanges such as Kraken, Coinbase Pro, and Bitstamp.

Margin Trading

Their margin trading, now allows you to trade Long or Short of top crypto pairs like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, XRP, EOS, ATOM, Dash, Tron, Tezos, Cardano, and others.

Margin trading feature is integrated with Spot trading page and vice versa. That’s why you can convert Spot or Margin trading with 1 click.

KuCoin P2P Trading

KuCoin P2P Marketplace is a service to buy and sell some cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH, USDT, KCS, and USDC with fiat money. Here, Kucoin supports a variety of more than 20+ fiat currencies such as USD, GBP, EUR, CAD, THR, VND…. It can be said that Kucoin is one of the exchanges that support the most fiat currencies today.

KuCoin P2P Trading

The P2P market supports many different payment methods, including bank transfer, PayPal, Perfect Money, ADVCash… When meeting the strict standards of international payment platforms such as Paypal, and PM, you can see Kucoin exchange company information is very transparent and reputable.

KuCoin Earn

KuCoin also gives you the ability to use your digital assets on some products such as staking and lending. Including:

  • KuCoin Lending: Earn interest on your digital assets by lending to borrowers. Loans with a tenor of 7, 14, or 28 days. You can earn up to 12% annual interest on your holdings. Currently, the lending service accepts cryptocurrencies USDT, BTC, ETH, EOS, LTC, XRP, ADA, ATOM, TRX, BCH, BSV, ETC, XTZ, DASH, ZEC, XLM, and others.
  • KuCoin Staking: Every day, the exchange will open Pools that allow you to stake the tokens you own to make a profit. Average APRs range from 5-to 100% for each asset class.
KuCoin Earn

Kucoin Trading Bot

KuCoin also offers a trading bot feature that you can set to execute your trades. You can customize order forms such as Spot Grid (sell high and buy low); Futures Grid, DCA (price average), and Smart Balance.

Kucoin Trading Bot

This feature will be very useful if you have a good trading system and method. It will help you trade automatically, re-statistical orders, and optimize the most effective trading method.

There are many traders using Trading Bot to make profits up to 5000% per month.

KuCoin Spotlight (IEO Platform)

In addition to the features of trading, Staking, Lending, Swap, and KuCoin, there is a product that many investors are interested in to earn more passive income. That is, there is a launchpad to support initial funding for crypto projects (IEOs), also known as KuCoin Spotlight.

KuCoin Spotlight (IEO Platform)

Here you can invest in new and interesting crypto projects under KuCoin support and information check. At the time of this writing, KuCoin has supported around 20 IEO projects, which are Tokoin, Lukso, Coti, Chromia, MultiVAC, Bitbns, and Trias.

Projects are strictly moderated by KuCoin, and when listed and introduced to investors on Spotlight, they often have an ROI of 300–1000%, which is very attractive.

To participate in the KuCoin IEO, you need to create an account and verify your identity (KYC). And need you to hold some amount of KCS tokens to qualify and register to buy IEO.

KuCloud Ecosystem

As you know, KuCoin is an ever-growing cryptocurrency ecosystem with the company’s products and services. However, you may not know, KuCoin is still developing other products on the exchange’s KuCloud ecosystem such as:

  • KuChain: An upcoming native blockchain developed by the KuCoin community.
  • KuCloud: A technologically advanced solution for anyone planning to launch your spot or futures trading platform, any of the key functions of KuCoin and KuMEX are integrated. It consists of two services: the XCoin spot exchange and the XMEX derivatives trading platform solution.
  • Kratos: An official test network for the upcoming KuChain.
  • Ecosystem: The growing KuChain infrastructure is provided by KCS and various KuCoin partners.
KuCloud Ecosystem

Overall, KuCoin is an easy-to-use top cryptocurrency exchange with several offerings for both beginners and experienced investors. In addition to spot trading, the exchange has many innovations and is constantly developing so as not to fall behind with the development of industry 4.0.

Non-custodial trading with Arwen

KuCoin also allows users to trade on exchanges, and buy and sell crypto with a non-custodial platform, which is dedicated to those who value confidentiality and information safety. To use this feature, you need to download and install the Arwen app, which is available for devices running Windows, macOS, and Linux.

Fee on Kucoin

KuCoin is currently the exchange with the lowest fees among altcoin exchanges. The charging mechanism is quite simple and easy to calculate.

Transaction fees on Kucoin

The flat fee for basic Spot trades is 0.1%. This fee will be reduced if you upgrade your account’s VIP level (meet trading volume eligibility or hold KCS tokens). When you increase the VIP level of your account, you will receive a discount on the fee and the transaction fee will be reduced. Detail:

Withdrawal fees on Kucoin

For Kucoin exchange, you can quickly deposit money into the exchange for free.

For withdrawals, you need to pay a small fee for each blockchain network and each different cryptocurrency. Below is a list of withdrawal fees of Kucoin and other exchanges:

What is the KCS token?

KCS is the native token of KuCoin, launched in 2017 in the form of a token used to share profits with investors. KCS is built and released on the ERC-20 standard on the Ethereum network.

The total supply of KCS tokens is 200 million tokens. Kucoin exchange also has exact buyback and burning to reduce the total to 100 million KCS. In the future, when the KuCoin decentralized trading solution comes into operation, KCS will be the used asset of these financial services, so the KCS coin is very potential.

Information about KCS token

  • Name: KuCoin Shares Token
  • Symbol: KCS
  • Blockchain: Ethereum
  • Token Standard: ERC20
  • Contract: 0xf34960d9d60be18cc1d5afc1a6f012a723a28811
  • Total Supply: 170,118,638 (March 22, 2022)

Storage wallet of KCS

As mentioned above, KCS is built on the Ethereum blockchain network, so most Ethereum wallets can store KCS such as Metamask, Coin98 Wallet, Trust Wallet, Atomic Wallet…

Where to buy KCS tokens?

Currently, Kucoin exchange tokens have been listed on many exchanges as well as cryptocurrency trading platforms such as Kucoin, MEXC Global, and Uniswap (V3)… you can see the full list here.

Review of Kucoin exchange coin

What is the KCS token used for?

In addition to being used to pay profits to investors, KCS is also used as a transaction fee for traders on Kucoin Exchange, allowing users to enjoy discounts of up to 80%. In addition, there are still some other useful features such as:

Participate in buying IEOs on KuCoin Spotlight

Register to participate in LockDrop / BurningDrop on the Pool-X platform

KCS holders can become KuCoin VIPs

KCS can also be used as a payment method for shopping, hotel reservations, purchasing gaming equipment, and more.

Kucoin Guides (Step-by-Step)

Create a Kucoin account

Step 1: Go to the ref link of DauTuThuDong.Com to support me and you will receive a 20$ Bonus right after creating an account at the link https://daututhudong.com/go/kucoin

Step 2: Enter your email -> Click Send Code to receive the verification code to your email

Step 3: Check your email, paste the verification code and enter your account password -> Click Sign Up

Note: You can also register by phone number, the steps are the same.

Create a Kucoin account

Identity Verification (KYC)

Kucoin exchange requires you to verify KYC Level 1 to participate in the exchange’s products. That’s why identity verification is so important.

Step 1: Click on Account Logo -> Select KYC Verification -> Click Start Verification

Identity Verification (KYC)

Step 2: Enter your personal information exactly according to CMNM or Passport like:

  • Country, Your First and Last Name
  • Choose the type of paper for identification such as an ID card or Passport
  • Enter the number of documents
  • Click Submit to submit information for approval

Step 3: After submitting information -> Click on Start Verification to proceed with image verification

Step 4: Use your phone to scan the QR code to download Kucoin App, then log in and follow the instructions to verify your face

Kucoin account security

Step 1: Click on Account Logo -> Select Account Security

Step 2: At the Google Verification section -> Click “Configure

Kucoin account security

Step 3: Click Send Code to receive the verification code to your email, then enter the code -> Click Next

Step 4: Use Google Authenticator or Authy software to scan the QR code to receive 2FA characters, then enter it -> Click Activate

Instructions for depositing and withdrawing coins on Kucoin

Deposit to Kucoin

Step 1: At the menu bar, select the Wallet icon -> Click Main Account

Step 2: Select or search for the coin/token you want to deposit -> Click Deposit

Deposit to Kucoin

Step 3: Choose the correct wallet you want to load into (main wallet, exchange wallet…) and the protocol you use (ETH)

Step 4: Copy the wallet address and send the amount of coin/token to that wallet address

Withdrawal on Kucoin

Step 1: At the menu bar, select the Wallet icon -> Click Main Account

Step 2: Select or search for the coin/token you want to withdraw -> Click Withdraw

Withdrawal on Kucoin

Step 3: Enter the receiving wallet address, select the network and the number of coins to withdraw -> Click Confirm

Trading on Kucoin exchange guide

Spot trading

Spot trading is a non-leveraged form of trading. At Spot Trading, 3 types of orders are supported: Market (Market), Limit, Stop Limit. About Limit and Stop Limit are essentially the same, except that Stop Limit allows you to set an additional price condition with the desire to optimize price benefits.

Step 1: At the Trading tab -> Select Spot Trading

Step 2: You will be redirected to the transaction interface, you need to pay attention to the following areas to conduct transactions:

  1. The area to display information about the currently selected currency pair or search for another currency pair
  2. Price charts and trading tools
  3. Order book and history of matched orders: Red is a sell order, green is a buy order
  4. Ordering area. There are 3 main types of commands:
  • Limit order: This is an order to buy and sell at the price you want to match the order.
  • Market order: Order to buy and sell coins at the nearest market price on the order book.
  • Stop Limit Order: The stop-limit order will be divided into two parts: Stop price (the stop price) and limit price.
Spot trading

Trading Kucoin Margin

Similar to Spot trading, Margin will allow you to use the leverage from 5x (Cross Margin) to 10x (Isolated Margin).

Step 1: At the Trading tab -> Select Margin Trading

Step 2: You will be redirected to the transaction interface. The interface is quite similar to Spot Trading, so I won’t repeat it. I just highlight a few other points that need attention:

  • In the search box, you select the Margin card and you will see all the list of coin pairs supported by the exchange for margin
  • Cross Margin or Isolated Margin command can be selected
  • Used to adjust (increase or decrease) the margin level

The method of placing orders and the form of orders are the same as Spot. You can refer to the above.

FAQ about Kucoin

Is KuCoin safe?

We evaluate and put KuCoin on the list of reputable exchanges, which means that the exchange meets the criteria that the team set and learned. Kucoin is also highly appreciated in cryptocurrency trading communities.

On CoinmarketCap’s Exchange list, the exchange is in the top 5. So you can also see that Kucoin is safe to trade.

Can I deposit fiat money into KuCoin?

Yes, you can deposit fiat money on KuCoin. The exchange supports many fiat currencies including Vietnam. This makes KuCoin a suitable choice if you do not already own any cryptocurrency. You can deposit fiat currency on KuCoin and buy your crypto.

Can I buy crypto on KuCoin with a credit card?

You can buy crypto with a credit card on KuCoin. Buying crypto with a credit card is one of the fastest ways to buy crypto, but often comes with high fees depending on the bank and credit card you use.

Does KuCoin have a mobile app?

Yes, KuCoin has a mobile app. The exchange’s app is available for Android and iOS. The mobile application will allow you to perform all the same features and products as the website. You can also easily control your trading orders and investments immediately. Link to download on phone:

Is KuCoin a centralized or decentralized exchange?

KuCoin is a centralized cryptocurrency exchange like other exchanges like Binance, Bybit, MEXC, and Gate.io. This means that KuCoin manages users’ cryptocurrency deposits and the system handles the transactions that take place on the platform. Centralized cryptocurrency exchanges are suitable for all types of users, from beginners to professional traders.

Are KuCoin transaction fees high?

0.1% transaction fee for both Maker and Taker on the exchange. However, this exchange does not charge any fees for deposits, but different withdrawal fees are depending on the cryptocurrency you want to withdraw.

And if you own KCS tokens or 30 days of trading volume, you are eligible to increase the VIP level of your account. Then you will receive significant fee reductions and transaction fee discounts.

Where can I store KCS tokens?

Many types of wallets support KCS and you can choose any wallet you like. Simply, if you do not store too much, you can find some exchanges that list KCS for tokens.

In addition, you can also store on some external wallets like Metamask, Trust Wallet, and Atomic Wallet.

Does Kucoin support demo accounts?

Yes. KuCoin offers a demo trading account for users. You can log in to your demo trading account at Kucoin Sandbox to practice before moving to the real trading market.

Does Kucoin require KYC verification?

You don’t need KYC because the exchange is not required. But if you want to participate in some separate products and features, you will be required to KYC. In addition, if the account is not KYC, the daily withdrawal limit will be 1 BTC.


Ok, the next article I feel is a bit long, but it is full of necessary information and instructions for newbies. I have made a series of articles related to the Kucoin exchange, if you have any questions, you can read or comment below for the fastest support.



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