What is Kaido Coin (KAD)? Introduce about KaidoEx platform and Kaido token.

1. Introduction

Cryptocurrency (or crypto, digital currency) is a form of currency designed with the main purpose of replacing current legal ones.

  • Peer-to-peer Transactions : No 3rd party will interfere with your transactions.
  • Decentralized: Cryptocurrencies are not controlled by any organization.
  • Security: Blockchain technology makes electronic money almost absolute security.
  • Cannot be counterfeited: Cryptocurrency is a digital asset, it is not physical so it cannot be faked.
What is Kaido Coin?
What is Kaido Coin?

Cryptocurrencies have become more popular and accepted than ever before as a type of digital asset with many new and superior features compared to traditional assets. Crypto as well as owned by famous businessmen, billionaires, financial experts such as Elon Musk, Robert Kiyosaki, … has also received more and more support and acceptance from major financial institutions such as PayPal, Mastercard, SEC (Securities Commission),…

The development of human society is always associated with the development of science and technology and is marked by major industrial revolutions. These industrial revolutions created many achievements and brought many benefits to people, helping to liberate labor, improve labor productivity and value of life…*

The world today is in the development phase of the 4th industrial revolution. This revolution has created many new products, new forms of transactions, new payment methods, new types of assets… One of the outstanding innovations of this revolution is the introduction of Blockchain and cryptocurrency. The appearance of these cryptocurrency is getting attention by the whole world, especially in 2017 until now, when the price of Bitcoin, Ethereum, DogeCoin, and other crypto have been increasing rapidly.

Problems when trading on current exchange platform

— The process and methods of depositing/withdrawing money through bank accounts at major exchange platforms are currently considered complicated by users (especially new ones).

Existing interfaces of trade and wallet management are confusing and unfriendly: the apps are designed to be able to display a wide variety of currency pairs, listed based on a variety of base values like different stablecoins

— There are many scams on the black market (OTC) or P2P: the lack of simple, convenient and easy payment options from the exchange platform makes customers have to trade digital currency through the black market, where the risk of being scammed is very high because customers can only assess the credibility of a leader through social media profiles or simply a name that looks popular in a certain facebook/zalo/instagram group that buys and sells crypto before making a transaction. If there is a lack of trading experience, the possibility that a customer may be approached by a fake profile of a famous dealer or team representative then perform fraudulent acts. For example: bank transferred but not receiving any crypto back, suspending P2P trading orders, promoting and offering multi-level projects…

Our team sees this as a great opportunity and at the golden time to build PolKaido Exchange — a reputable digital asset trading platform, making the ownership and trading of cryptocurrencies and other digital assets becomes easy and popular for any investor with the official KaiDo (KAD) cryptocurrency

2. What is Kaido Coin (KAD)?

Kaido Coin (KAD) is the official token of the Polkaido Exchange Platform.

Basic information about Kaido Coin (KAD)

Token Name: Kaido

Symbol: KAD Token

Blockchain: Ethereum, Kaido Smart Chain

Token Standard: ERC-20, KSC-20

Token Type: Utility

Decimals: 6

Contracts: 0xd010874156506ff12ddd1f2cf380ceb7676fb95d

Total Supply: 88,133,133 KAD

KAD will be listed in June 2021 through IDO (Initial DEX Offering-short for the first token issuance on the Decentralized Exchange platform)

Polkaido Exchange is an open source platform for launching decentralized finance (DeFi) applications and enterprise blockchain implementations in a highly scalable, interoperable ecosystem.

It is the first smart contract platform that confirms transactions in less than 1 second, supports the entire Ethereum development kit, and allows millions of independent validators to participate as producers. Full block output.

In addition to supporting transactions under 1 second, Polkaido Exchange has much greater throughput than current blockchain networks (more than 6,500 transactions per second) and a much higher safety threshold than the 81% standard of other networks.

One key difference between Polkaido Exchange and other decentralized networks is the consensus protocol. Over time, people have misunderstood that blockchain must be slow and non-scalable when looking at current active blockchains, like Ethereum for example. Polkaido Exchange uses a new approach to consensus and ensures strong security, fast transactions, high throughput without compromising decentralization.

Kaido Coin (KAD) is the native token of the Polkaido Exchange platform and is used to secure the network through staking, peer-to-peer trading, fee payment, and providing accounts between the subnets created on the Polkaido Exchange platform

The Polkaido Exchange platform had its first trading two months before the market. Expected price: (0.65$ -1$)/KAD

Currently, KAD tokens are developed according to the ERC-20 standard on the basis of Ethereum’s Blockchain. It is expected that on December 22, 2022, Kaido will officially complete the Kaido Chain Mainnet and begin to sup- port the conversion of KAD running on Ethereum to KAD running on its platform.

This indicates that at this time you can find KAD in two different modes:

— ERC-20 on the Ethereum network

— KAD-20 at Kaido Smart Chain

3. What is the business model and Kaidoex ecosystem

KAD Coin is the official token that supports the development of the Polkaido Exchange and Kaido Smart Chain ecosystem. Kaido Smart Chain is an open source platform for launching highly decentralized applications, new financial principles and new interactive blockchains. KAD-20, built using a breakthrough consensus protocol, will become the first smart contract platform that confirms transactions within one second, and fully supports Ethereum development tools.

Products related to the Kaidoex ecosystem includes:

— Flatform Exchange Platform

— Kaido Mode

— Stablecoin KUSD

On the Kaidoex ecosystem includes

— Launch of customized, private and public blockchain

— Create an trade digital asset on the polokaido exchange platform

— Build smart contracts, games and scalable dapps

— Use KAD as flat token to build and live in the world of Kaidoex

4. Fundraising Cycle

The main wallet will be transparently disclosed on July 2, 2021 for all investors to evaluate together

4.1 Users and Individual Investors: 30%

4.1.1 First time

May 2020: Seed cycle

  • Expected price: ~ $ 0,83
  • Notification code-lock token
  • Total quantity: 7.401.501 coins
  • Time: June 03–13, 2021 (GMT -4)

=> Registration format:

After completing the registration format, by the opening day, the customer will receive an email to notify the result and guide the purchase of tokens through the CoinPayments payment gateway.

Investors in the seed cycle are locked in tokens, and the amount of locked tokens is calculated at a fixed annual interest rate (12% / 20% / 40%). The corresponding minimum holding time is 90 days, 180 days, and 360 days.

(Minimum holding time = the day when the wallet is successfully bought-the day when the investor sells the token for the first time) After 90 days, 30% of the token amount was unlocked, and investors of this token amount can put it on the Polkaido Exchange and Uniswap platforms for sale. 15% of the number of tokens can be unlocked in the next month/first total purchase.

Note: The first sale is only to influential people. If you are an influential person, that is, people with 5,000 followers on twitter, or 10,000 people in your telegram community or on Youtube, Facebook, insta- gram More than 10,000 followers, please fill out this form to get the first purchase right.

(The specific information will be updated on May 2021 (20–25))

4.1.2 Second time

June 2021: KAIDO Coin provides initial DEX (IDO) on SuShi

  • Expected price: ~ $1.22
  • Notification code-locked tokens and unlocked tokens
  • Total quantity: 6,344,144 coins

We have some options

  • Option A : Purchase ia Coin Payment

Expected price: $1.06 / notification code — lock tokens — unlimited — total supply: 3,856,578 coins

  • Option B: Buy on SuShi

Expected price: $ 1,22 / notification code-unlocked tokens-limited-total supply: 2.487.566 coins.

SuShi is a completely decentralized model based on Ethereum to provide automatic liquidity. It has brought significant changes to electronic currency transactions and has become a catalyst for the recent growth of DeFi projects.

For Kaido Coin whose mission is to promote the formal application of financial services based on blockchain, it seems natural to be able to access the original notification code on its platform for the first time on the platform.

Trading is scheduled to start at 0:00 AM (GMT -4). The KAD notification code can be accessed to purchase on Uniswap at an expected initial price of $1,22. The price will fluctuate based on market supply and demand. Considering that there are too many registrations for the public sale of KAIDO Coin, it is recommended that you be on time.

(The specific information will be updated in June 2021 (20–25))!

4.1.3 Third time

December 2021: Listed on Polkaido Exchange + SuShi platform

  • Price:: ~ $
  • Notification code — tokens are not locked. — Quantity: 5,022,447 coin

Only 100,000$ blocks will be distributed to investors for the first time

(The specific information will be updated on November (20–25), 2021)

4.1.4 Fourth time

Expected in June 2022: listed on the Polkaido Exchange + SuShi platform

  • Price:: ~ $
  • Notification code-tokens are not locked — Quantity: 4.229.429 coin

The specific information will be updated on May 2022,20–25

4.1.5 Fifth time

Expected December 2022: Listed on Polkaido Exchange + SuShi

  • Price:: ~ $
  • Notification code-tokens are not locked — Quantity: 3.436.411 coin

The specific information will be updated on November 20–25, 2022

Expected price: $1.06 / notification code — lock tokens — unlimited — total supply: 3,856,578 coins

4.2 Promotion and Community: 10%

  • 2% of annual sales, sales within 5 years, the first sale is expected on December 15, 2021
  • Next Period: December 15, 2022, December 15, 2023, December 15, 2024, December 15, 2025

4.3 Bonus: 10%

4.4 Team and Consultant: 30%

Locked until December 15, 2023, the shares will be allocated to everyone in the team and the consultants in accordance with the agreed ratio. The monthly token lock code will automatically unlock 8.33%/month. At this time, individuals have the right to decide to sell or keep their allocated shares

4.5. Angel Investors: 10%

  • Angel K/4%: Lock the token within 2 years
  • Angel A/3%: The token is locked within 5 years
  • Angel D/3%: Lock the token within 7 years

For the terms of the cooperative holding and the company’s commitment to angel investors, please refer to Article 15 Item No. of the Memorandum

4.6 Reserve Fund: 10%

The number of tokens in the reserve fund is always locked and stored in a safe place.

If the platform is invaded and causes a loss of funds, these tokens will be used to compensate

5. Outstanding advantages and function

5.1 What are the outstanding advantages?

Reduce transaction fees when trading on the Polkaido Exchange platform When using KAD to pay transaction fees on the PolkaidoEx platform, users will get a discount compared to the usual transaction fees

  • Payment methods for trade activities Kaido Coin is not only a simple token used for transactions, but it is also a payment method for payment services and products.
  • Can be stored in many types of wallets. As a highly praised token, many e-wallet providers on the market now integrate KAD in their wallets. You can mention Trust Wallet, Trezor, Ledger, Blox, Request Wallet, Metal Vault, etc. KaidoEx fully supports the Ethereum virtual machine, therefore, the performance of the Ethereum tool is excellent. Truffle Suite, Remix, MetaMask, MEW and all your favorite Ethereum tools
  • KaidoEx supports all non-fungible tokens notification codes (NFTs), and the plan to create a register allows you to learn all about NFTs at Polkaido Exchange

5.2 What is the function?

The Polkaido Exchange platform is said to have innovated at every level of the blockchain network. Basically, with a breakthrough in the consensus protocol and then continue layer by layer to develop areas like network modeling and virtual machines that have not been explored enough.

Unlike other networks that provide system-wide unified terms and conditions of participation, the Polkaido Exchange platform empowers individuals and businesses to easily create powerful, reliable, secure and custom blockchain networks with a complex set of rules, or build on top of an existing public or private network that suits their intended use. As mentioned above, KAD appears in the Kaido Exchange ecosystem and other blockchains such as Ethereum. Therefore, you can use KAD:

  • Exchanges Fees: Pay transaction fees on the PolkaidoEx trading platform (Polkaido Exchange). KAD is used to reduce transaction fees on the PolkaidoEx trading platform (maker & taker).
  • Proposal Fees: The project that wants to be listed on the PolkaidoEX platform will cost 2000 KAD. Attach the list. If the project is approved, the 2000 KAD will be returned to the project. Otherwise, the project may not recover this amount. This is a condition to avoid spam in PolkaidoEX
  • VIP Discount Fees: In addition, Kaido Coin tiers VIP accounts according to the number of KADs stored on the platform, and since then obtains preferential transaction fees in PolkaidoEx’s trading service.
  • KaidoEx Payments: Two forms of buying and selling of goods and services: online and in-store purchases. It is expected that in January 2022, we will issue the KaidoEX card and KaidoExPay application in the Chinese, Japanese and Swiss markets; customers can use it to book hotels and flights on Trava- la.com. Use KAD to borrow money from Nexo and pay for products and services through Pundi X’s XPOS machine. Cooperate with some educational organizations that accept KAD as a mortgage tool when studying abroad. Community utility tokens (such as games and DApps) on the Kaido Smart Chain ecosystem;
  • KadFi: KadFi is a platform that provides decentralized digital financial services, mainly focusing on loans, in order to provide fiat loans (tokens issued by the government) and electronic tokens to KAD owners as collateral assets.
  • Issue Asset Fees: It is expected that in December 2021, customers can develop personal tokens through the order form on the KaidoEXChain platform, and each developer may have to bear the cost of 2000KAD
  • KaidoEx Charity: KAD is used to donate to charity programs through KaidoEX’s KaidoEX Charity platform

6. Kaido Coin (KAD) Wallet

For Kaido Coin, Validators are responsible for creating new blocks. These Validators can be due to individuals or organizations and the bonuses they charge are trans- action fees. Therefore, it is not possible to mine KAD, but there are other ways to obtain Kaido Coin.

How to obtain KAD?

Although it is not possible to mine, you can wait for each use of KAD Lending to obtain a fixed profit on the KaidoEx Lending platform.

In order to store Kaido Coin, you can choose according to different purposes: For the ERC20 version you have many wallet options (offline wallet and online wallet) to sup- port safe storage of Kaido coin as follows:

  • If you only need to store for a short period of time and want to use KAD for regular transactions, you can store it in the wallet on the PolkaidoEx platform and use it im- mediately if necessary.
  • If you don’t like regular transactions and want to store it for a long time, you can store it in online wallets such as MetaMask, MyEtherWallet, Mycrypto, Trust Wallet.
  • If you want to store for a long time and store it with the highest degree of security, because electronic wallets face the risk of hackers and thieves, you should use hard wallets/offline wallets, such as Ledger Nano S, Trezor. Currently, KAD is linking the wallet to be supported by a third party for storage such as: Offline wallets: Leger Nano X, CoolWalletS Applications: Atomic Wallet, Coinomi, Exodus.

7. KaidoEx Development Team

KaidoEX is an American company that was originally estab- lished in Sunnyvale, California. The current business license information is as follows: Headquarters address: 67 Triq San Bastjan Hal Qormi, QRM 2335, Malta Phone: +356.2122.6745

The founder is Michael Li (CEO), VP of Data at Coinbase (Hir- ing Data scientists, Machine learning engineers, & Data plat- form engineers). Juniper Networks is owning and operating KaidoEx.

The company has obtained a license issued by a financial organization and a virtual financial asset license (VFA) issued by the Malta Financial Services Agency (MFSA)

  • Michael Li, CEO: Michael Li is the VP of Data at Coinbase (Hiring Data scientists, Machine learning engineers, & Data Platform engineers). He conducts research on decentralized systems, secrets, secrecy and economics. Michael Li likes to design and make actual decentralized systems, solving basic problems including fault tolerance, invalid consensus and peer-to-peer systems. The projects he researched include the prevention of Loop STP Snow/Kaido mode and HotStuff mode, which is the platform consensus mode used by Facebook Libra. Many years of experience in big data innovation, business analysis, data science, business intelli- gence, predictive analysis, fraud detection/analysis/operations, finance, e-commerce and now statistical models in the social networking industry.
  • Adam Kravetz, Advisors: Adam K is currently the CEO of Seven Eight Capi- tal, COO Seven Eight Capital, COO ETF Market Making and Arbitrage, Citadel Securities, COO Global Executions Services, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Managing Director, Tower Research Capital. Adam Kravetz has more than 20 years of experi- ence as the CEO of fintech-most recently COO ETF Market Making and Arbitrage-and is a technology investor in companies such as Lion Management, Kingdon Capital and Sureview Capital (supported by the Blackstone Group)
  • Greg Morrisett, Advisors: An experienced professor who has worked in the higher education industry for a long time. Profi- cient in mathematical modeling, Python (pro- gramming language), computer science, LaTeX and machine learning

8. What is the is future of KaidoEx

In the history of decentralized systems, there are only two ways to enter the consensus problem: Classical and Nakamoto. After Satoshi Nakamoto, the world still has to include all the interests of the Nakamoto consensus (strong, decentralized) and all the interests of Classical consensus (speed , Scale, fast transaction and energy efficiency) mode

Kaido has these advantages and combines it into a new model of large-scale, confidentiality and speed on an absolutely decentralized network platform. Kaido’s consensus shows that you can obtain the advantages of Classical and Nakamoto without the weaknesses of either model. Through the sharing of this Slide, we hope that you can get a general understanding of the basic information of this project, and then you can make investment decisions for yourself.

On January 4, 2021, the Office of the International Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) published a document regarding the application of stablecoins in banking. Specifically, OCC explains how banks can use new technologies. Includes independent node verification network (INVN) and stablecoin to perform payment operations. This has huge implications for the Ethereum ecosystem, especially the future KAD coin as the stablecoin is an Erc-20 token held at a fixed value. By using stablecoins, what KAD is aiming for is the infrastructure of the payment network in the bank. Based on Ether’s price predictions and developments in 2020 and early 2021, this is a potential investment. KAD will become increasingly scarce, large investment funds are pouring more money into this digital currency, especially the promising boom of Dapp. All are sending positive signals for a strong bull run in 2021.



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