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Story of Journey, a mad scientist who makes 0xDAVA — Part 2

DAVA TALK SHOW — Interview with DAVA Frontend developer Journey

The interview with Journey lasted nearly an hour.

Journey’s view of the current crypto market

Soga: I’m going to start off with a topic that people watching this interview might be interested in. Recently, many crypto newcomers haven’t encountered crypto winter, yet I remember you’ve experienced winter many times. So how do you see the situation?

Journey: Derivative markets are more significant than in the past, so even if something small happens, it seems to move a lot. When the derivative market grows, it is helpful in terms of liquidity when the market is good. Still, it also looks a little different from the previous Crypto winter because it has a lot of leverage. Of course, it could be worse or not.

Soga: Then, do you think it’s worth buying Ethereum at the current price? Should we look at the decline, or is there any particular you’re looking at? (The interview was conducted on 8 July)

Journey: I’m looking into dollars right now. Ethereum is on sale now. It’s not a wrong choice, but I think it’s good to hold a lot of dollars until there’s a signal that the bear market is over. No one knows where the floor is. Of course, it’s not easy to hold cash when the bull market comes. It is essential to dance with the fire, but if you don’t get on board, it’s a good strategy to wait calmly. If you’re confident you can stop dancing when others are dancing, you can dance with them. But if you’re someone who can’t do that, you should be careful. So I think it’s time to observe if others start dancing.

Soga: I’m the type to dance until everyone leaves.

Journey: Yes, so do I. LOL

US Dollr Index (DXY) Daily Chart

“The Game We Make is Different.”

Soga: Our team is making a game, and many people think of P2E when they talk about blockchain games. I wonder what you think about P2E NFT projects such as Axie Infinity and Cooltopia and how you view X2E models.

Journey: Game design should encourage players to enjoy its content. Let’s try the metaphor of eating at a famous restaurant to represent playing a P2E game. “I’ll go to a restaurant and eat to get paid.” Of course, you can enjoy the game content and get coupons and free gifts, but I think the current P2E market views it as “I ate, so I have to make money.” Blockchain games should focus on making fun games and not giving away money.

Soga: Can you tell us how the game that Dava is making is different from the existing blockchain games?

Journey: We are designing the game so players can focus on playing it satisfactorily. We’re making a game that anyone can enjoy. NFT holders provide content to the game and get rewards. You can imagine owning a DAVA humanoid is like running a restaurant or a coffee shop. We plan to reward users who come to enjoy the game powered by Dava and NFT holders’ content generation.

Soga: Can you tell us a similar game so the viewers can imagine the game we are making now?

Journey: We are referencing many indie games you can see on Steam. Since we are not a team with a strong game development background, some limitations exist. I’m careful to talk about it because the development is still in progress. Still, I can say that the gameplay is similar to games like Slay the Spire and in some features like Pokémon.

“DAVA Really Exists.”

Soga: You’re so passionate about the DAVA trilogy. I wonder why you think the story is so important.

Journey: I think the game, movie, and animation industries focus more on the importance of stories and characters. And the story starts with an attractive worldview that attracts people and the characters’ immersion. ‘Story’ is an invention made to excite people. The experiences and emotions from the story heal people’s inner pain: it’s not easy for everyone to endure in a lonely place like modern society. Modern society is a hostile place where people need a lot of anecdotes to immerse themselves.

Soga: I think you can best explain DAVA’s story, so I want to talk about it in today’s interview. Can you tell us what it’s about?

Journey: DAVA’s story is so tremendous, beyond imagination. I don’t believe in the word ‘metaverse’: DAVA and many other NFTs and games exist in our imagination. It’s an obvious fact that they live in reality. DAVA exists in another universe that we are not aware of yet. To be honest, I didn’t make the story. I simply recorded everything I heard from a lonely DAVA. It’s just a story that tells the truth of the universe that we live in.

Soga: Oh, you mean it’s a tale passed down through DAVA. There is no other such multi-universe, and we simply just live as part of it.

This 0xDAVA actually exists in other universes. https://0xdava.davaproject.com/

Journey: Yes, I heard it from DAVA recently. This story is about what I heard from DAVA. We’re writing a story about what happened in the other universe, the truths of DAVA’s world, and things that we didn’t know. I got a favor from a DAVA. There are things that DAVA has to do, but this is kind of… It’s essential in our universe and in other galaxies. It’s something that someone has to do, and we need many people to help us. To do that, we were asked to create a game that, if we made this help fun in the form of a game, many people could help with the work that the universe needs. I’ve been talking a lot about matching the game interface with DAVA. The interface implemented in the game eventually serves to help DAVA do what they are doing in the other multiverse. So the game you’ll see is a simple interface that allows you to visit other universes on your smartphone or laptop. It’s a bit of a distortion of what the universe looks like, so it’s easy to recognize from these devices. It’s a little bit of a friendly interface, but it’s actually a representation of what’s happening in the multiverse.

Soga: Then we can help DAVA’s universe by playing games.

Journey: Yes, I think there’s something that DAVA can’t solve on their own.

Soga: There’s something we can do to help, and they are asking for help. I see. So that’s what we were doing all along!

Saying Goodbye…

Soga: In the past, you used to come to the DAVA Discord community often and play with users. You don’t often come these days, so please say hello to DAVA users.

Journey: Well, I’m sorry I don’t show up often. If I’m talking about discord, it means I’m not working. If I don’t appear on the general channel, please think I’m working hard. Somebody needs to come and kick me out when I start chitchatting at the public. (laughs)

Soga: Lastly, is there anything you’d like to say to the product team?

Journey: It’s not easy to work late. I’d like my teammates to go home and watch YouTube. Cumulated stress is never a good sign. You have to solve it on your own. I want to tell them to watch YouTube, play games, sleep a lot, and relieve stress.

Soga: They seem to be working hard until late every day, probably have no time for that.

Journey: But if you don’t relieve your stress, you can’t work. A satisfying product comes out only when the worker is happy. I understand there’s a lot of work. There’s nothing we can do about that. Then at least we can explore ways to relieve our stress well. So be happy. But there’s nothing we can do because our universe needs us now.

Soga: It’s a calling. The universe called us, and we do things that suit it.

Journey: Yes, we don’t have much time because the universe is in danger for our universe and many other universes. If we don’t do it quickly, there’s not much time left to be joyful. So you have to be happy from now on.

Soga: Thank you. Let’s be happy.

The main screen of the 0xDAVA site .The whole journey of DAVA begins at 0xDAVA.



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