An example of a nice high GT Score

The GT Score

One of the most important metrics in business and in life

After doing business for about 15 years, there is a recuring thing that I have been seeing.

How often a person focuses more on giving or taking.

It is easy to fall into a trap where we think that other people really care about what we are doing. We can eaily mistake their smiles and interest as wanting to altruisticly help us. However many times they are simply self-motivated and focusing on their issues and their goals. A smiling and complimentary salesperson at a store that is trying to hit his sales goals for the month is one example of this.

I’m going to keep a much closer eye on a person’s GT score. A GT score is quite simple to estimate, it is how often they give vs. how often they take.

A GT score is simple, it is how often a person gives vs. how often they take

Some of the people that I know have a very high give to take score. About 90% of the time they give vs 10% of the time they take. However, I’ve also met a couple of sharks. These individuals like to pretend like they give, and they smile and put on a good upfront show, but in reality they take over 50% of the time.


Salesperson: A salesperson probably has a give score of like 60, they seem like they really want to help you. But their take score is probably -200

A fair-weather friend: Some friends come and go. A person who you at first considered to be close friend might actually have a lower give score than you originally expected. Their give score may diminish over time as you see their true colors.

A great friend/family member: One of the best things in life is having very good friends and loving family. If you think about somebody who you really trust, you'll probably agree that they have a very low take score and a very high gives score. Although rare, I think it's very important to cherish these relationships.

If I sense that a businessman has a take score of over 50% I am going to avoid doing business with them. Additionally, I want to challenge myself to work on my own GT score in my life. I want to be able to increase my give score and to reduce my take score. To be more generous and kind.