Don’t be fooled by their t-shirts and beards. There are tech people out there who are at the top of their game.

It’s impressive. The more time I spend researching and learning about Silicon Valley, the more I respect and appreciate many of the talented people that work there.

I am realizing that a few of the really talented individuals are like surgeons. Digital surgeons.

It’s easy to be impressed at a party when you meet a medical surgeon who has spent 10 years going through medical school, residency, and working to perfect his craft. But on the Internet it is different. Everyone can call themselves an entrepreneur or a CEO. It isn’t always as easy to distinguish the real pro’s.

There are people at the top levels of tech who are basically digital surgeons

What I have been doing lately is trying to investigate the work that these talented tech workers have done. Take the time to read their writing and try to clearly see their work ethic.

I have come across a few surgeons. Digital professionals who really focus. Really put in the work. I tip my hat to them. They encourage me to focus more and to keep working on leveling up.