“I can’t lie” Jim Carrey in Liar Liar 1997

The 30 day positivity challenge

I tried to be completely positive for a month- it didn’t really work.

I recently tried a new positivity project. It was pretty simple: Try to go 30 days without saying any negative things. I started last month and I just recently finished the 30th day.

So how did it go?

Honestly. Not that great.

During the course of the month it was actually quite hard to always be positive. Sometimes you need to say negative things. One of the aspects of having a strong personality is the desire to stand up for what you believe in. You want to say what is right. This contradicts with the positivity project. You don’t want to sit quitely by while negative things happen. You wouldn’t want your friend to begin working for a company that you know has a bad boss. You would speak up.


One of the main challenges was that I was getting frustrated at a number of things online. The first one of these is a large and famous tech company. I feel as though this company does not treat its employees very well. I’m impressed with their technology, their insane growth, and their ability to make tremendous amounts of money, but I’m disappointed in the lack of a humanistic approach to the people that actually do the work for them.

The second challenge was the behavior of a number of the online marketers that I have seen online. I feel as though a good portion of the content and information that publish is pretty misleading. It appears to me as though they try to mislead young entrepreneurs so that they themselves can financially benefit.

The bottom line was that I was getting frustrated at people that seem to take it advantage of others. I had a lot of trouble staying positive and quiet when I would see this happening.

This was a bit of a breakthrough actually. I realized this key point and so I’ve decided to try a second month of positivity with a few small changes.

Let’s try another month

I’m going to try to do a slight variation of what I tried the month prior. This time I am going to try to mute some of the people and companies that I felt take advantage of others.

The rules for this second month are:

  • Mute the negatives (this includes unfollowing a number of people/ companies)
  • Double down on the really nice people and try to add value where you can

There are some really smart and kind people online. I would also like to take a second and send a shout out to Brad Feld, Hiten Shah, and Ryan Hoover. These guys all have had great success and yet they also take the time to be kind and helpful to others.


So let me know your thoughts, if you have any feedback on this positivity project. It is been a fascinating experiment so far and I hope to continue to grow.

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