Fighting for Jobs

Recently, I took a poll on Twitter as well as asking citizens around Las Vegas what they thought were the most important issues. For the twitter poll, I gave these options: Foreign Policy, Homeland Security, Military, and Jobs. Overwhelmingly 37% of you voted for Jobs. I completely agree with this, in fact, that’s been my goal since going into public office. I’m proud as a former Washington DC Mayor I created one of the first working jobs programs. We had the private sector work with us and help us find jobs for everyone. I was proud that we got 100 new jobs out there.

Don’t get me wrong, every one of these issues needs our attention but jobs are what everyone can agree on universally. We need to find better ways to generate them. I’m happy that our current city Mayors are working with the Department of Commerce to make sure our jobs grow in our cities, but I want them to grow on a national level. I want to work with the people on the forefronts of generating jobs and make sure their voices are heard.

As I continue to run to be your representative, I want to continue talking to you. I’ve spent most of my team meeting with you in Las Vegas, on the group wall, and even on Twitter. I want you to continue to tell me your issues because I want to help fix them. It’s time for the people in government to start listening to you. You hired us, and we are the servants. We work for you.

Thank you,