The Four Fundamental, Insatiable, Human Desires: Greed, Revenge, Vanity, Megalomania

The dramatic increase in recent years of the toxic emotions that drive susceptible, noxious human beings

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All human activity is prompted by desire.

Duty has no hold on a person unless s/he desires to be dutiful. If you wish to know what people will do, you must know the whole system of their desires with their relative strengths.

Humans differ from other animals in one very important respect, and that is that they have some desires which are infinite, which can never be fully gratified, and which would keep them restless even in Paradise.

Acquisitiveness — the wish to possess as much as possible of goods, or the title to goods — is a motive which, I suppose, has its origin in a combination of fear with the desire for necessaries.

However much you may acquire, you will always wish to acquire more. Satiety is a dream which will always elude you.

Rivalry is a stronger motivation than Acquisitiveness.

A great many humans will cheerfully face impoverishment if they can thereby secure complete ruin for their rivals.

It is scarcely possible to exaggerate the influence of vanity throughout the range of human life, from the child of three to the potentate at whose frown the world trembles.

The desire for power is by far the strongest motive in the lives of important men.

The love of power is closely akin to vanity, but it is not by any means the same thing.

What vanity needs for its satisfaction is glory, and it is easy to have glory without power.

Many people prefer glory to power, but on the whole these people have less effect upon the course of events than those who prefer power to glory.

Power, like vanity, is insatiable. Nothing short of omnipotence could satisfy it completely.

Love of power is greatly increased by the experience of power, and this applies to petty power as well as to that of potentates.

In any autocratic regime, the holders of power become increasingly tyrannical with experience of the delights that power can afford.

Since power over human beings is shown in making them do what they would rather not do, the man who is actuated by love of power is more apt to inflict pain than to permit pleasure.

Surging Greed, Revenge, Vanity & Megalomania In Our World

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