Who Did Aaron Rogers Think His Fake Apology Would Fool?

People Who Don’t Have The Integrity Or Courage To Admit It When They’re Caught In A Lie

By David Grace (Amazon PageDavid Grace Website)

How Honest People Apologize

We all make mistakes. We all do bad things that we later regret. If we get caught and we have integrity we make a sincere apology to those whom we’ve wronged and we try to do better the next time.

Of course, if we don’t think we’ve made a mistake, if we think we really haven’t done something wrong, and if we’re an honest person, then we say “I didn’t do anything wrong” or at the very least we keep our mouths shut and say nothing at all.

How Criminals Apologize

And then there are dishonest people, people without integrity, or who are narcissists who can never bring themselves to admit that they were wrong.

When those sorts of people get caught doing things they don’t regret but that others think are wrong, they say fake, dishonest, deceitful things that they think will sound enough like an apology to get them off the hook.

Lawyers call them statements “fitted to deceive.”

If you watch Court TV it’s surprisingly common to hear a convicted rapist, sexual predator or murder say something like:

“I’m so sorry this happened to Ms. Smith.”

Not, “I’m so sorry I did this to Ms. Smith” or “I’m so sorry I raped Ms. Smith.”

No, it’s “I’m so sorry this happened to Ms. Smith” as if Mr. Rapist was merely a bystander who heard about the rape on the evening news, but personally had nothing to do with it.

Even worse is the, “I’m so sorry this had to happen to Ms. Smith” as if his raping her was the inevitable result of some freak act of nature.

According to this “apology” not only did Mr. Rapist have nothing to do with the attack, but Ms. Smith’s rape was somehow merely the inevitable result of events beyond everyone’s control.

Often, Mr. Rapist goes on to babble other collateral non-apology apologies along the lines of: “I know how much pain Ms. Smith’s family suffered” or “I’m so sorry for all the pain Ms. Smith’s family has suffered” as if that pain was caused by somebody else or some natural phenomenon with which Mr. Rapist had no involvement.

Did we hear Mr. Rapist say, “I’m so sorry for all the pain I have caused Ms. Smith’s family” or “I’m sorry for all the pain Ms. Smith’s family has suffered because of my terribly wrong actions”?

No, we did not.

Yes, I guess it’s too much to expect a rapist, murderer, or child molester to have the integrity to stand up and make either an honest apology or honestly take responsibility for their actions.

And, also, yes, we probably shouldn’t be surprised when criminals aren’t honest and instead make some weaseling, dishonest, phony-baloney non-apology pseudo apology in the ridiculous belief that no one will notice that they haven’t admitted that what they did was wrong or apologize at all.

What Aaron Rogers Said When He Was Caught In A Lie

The Lie

But from Aaron Rogers we would expect more integrity and more honesty than we see from the run-of-the-mill criminal defendant.

On August 26, 2021, Rogers was asked:

“Are you vaccinated, and what’s your stance on vaccinations?”

His answer was, “Yeah, I’ve been immunized.”

He was specifically asked, “Are you vaccinated?” and his answer was “Yeah . . .” but the truthful answer was not “Yeah” but rather “No.”

When he contracted COVID, Rogers got caught in that lie, and on November 9, 2021 Rogers decided to make a statement.

Rogers’ Response After He Was Caught

Rogers said, “I made some comments that people might have felt were misleading, and to anybody who felt misled by those comments, I take full responsibility for those comments.”

What? What?

Of course Aaron Rogers is responsible for what he said. Who the hell else could possibly be responsible for what he said? We’re all responsible for what we say.

The cops catch a guy holding a knife to a woman’s throat and when he’s convicted his response is: “For those people who might think I might have upset that woman, I take responsibility for whatever it was that I did.”

Give me a break!

Rogers Did Not Admit He Lied

Rogers Did Not Say He Was Sorry For Lying To Those People Who Thought He Had Mislead Them, Which Was, In Fact, Everyone

Like the rapist whose so-called apology was that he was sorry about what happened to his victim rather than professing remorse for what he did to his victim, Rogers only said that if people might have felt that his comments were misleading — not lies, just misleading — that, well, yes he did say them.

Rogers’ Statement Was Fitted To Deceive

Rogers’ statement was a weaseling response that was supposed to get him out of trouble without admitting that he had lied, but which, of course, didn’t.

It was the sort of thing that a person who is afraid to take the heat from telling the truth or is too much of a narcissist to admit that they were wrong or is too much of a coward to stand up and say, “Yeah, I said it and I would say it again . . . .” would say.

Rogers Didn’t Have The Integrity Or The Courage To Be Honest

You would have thought that a guy like Aaron Rogers would have the courage to be honest and say “I lied. That was wrong. I’m sorry.”

Surprisingly, Rogers Wasn’t Smart Enough To Realize It Wouldn’t Work

You would also have thought that Aaron Rogers would be smart enough to know that saying that if some people thought he might have mislead them then he’s responsible for (not sorry for) what he said, was not going to cut it with anybody.

“I’m Sorry You’re Upset” Never Works

Isn’t he engaged? Does he think that if his fiance caught him cheating or lying or doing something else that really upset her that an apology along the lines of, “I’m sorry you’re upset” would work?

Has an “I’m sorry you’re upset” or “I’m sorry that happened” or “I’m sorry that had to happen” ever fooled anyone with even half a working brain?

How could Aaron Roger be so stupid as to think that when he got caught ON TAPE with his hand in the cookie jar that that kind of BS non-apology would work on anyone leastwise on the entire country?

I Expected Better

So, OK, I expect a bank robber or rapist or murder or pedophile to have no honor, no integrity, no honesty, no remorse and no courage and to make a so-called apology that admitted no guilt and apologized for nothing.

I expected Aaron Rogers to be a smarter and a better person than that.

— David Grace (Amazon PageDavid Grace Website)

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