Browser-Design Experiments (2010–2017)

A series of experiments in redesigning the Web browser.

David Regev
Aug 29, 2018 · 1 min read

I’ve been experimenting with redesigning the Web browser for a while, creating various designs and mockups over the years. This a series about those ideas.

In these designs, there are several questions and design problems I was trying to solve. How do we prevent the problem of ‘too many tabs’? How do we design a zoomable interface around the Web? How do we design an entire operating system around the web?

1. Firefox ZUI (2010)

2. Ubiquitous Firefox, Part 1: How Do You Design a Debris-Less Browser? (Mozilla Labs, 2011)

3. Ubiquitous Firefox, Part 2: Solving Tab Proliferation (Mozilla Labs, 2011)

4. “Ubiquitous Firefox” Revisited (2012)

5. Tab-Free Browser (2017)

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