How Robotics can impact Digital Marketing

Welcome to the smart world! Where artificial Intelligence is ready to take place of humans in almost every industry. In coming years, it will going to take over digital marketing industry as well. According to experts like David Borshell, Artifical Intelligence holds a great potential in the area of digital marketing. A wise man once said — Innovation is the only way to sustain in the corporate world. However, nobody will ever tell us how to compete with the technology? Consumer behavior, research work, quality of content marketing strategy, everything is going to change by artificial intelligence. The challenging environment is increasing, it is going to be difficult for digital marketers to survive in the high pace of changing environment. Therefore it is interesting to see how AI will impact digital marketing in coming years.

David Borshell

Below are some of the potential areas where AI will possibly impact digital marketing. Let’s check out these areas.

1. Personalizing user experience to a greater extent

In a digital world, content is a king and client is a king maker. Content marketing strategy is the area where AI can easily create a significant impact. Everyone knows that content marketing is an important part of digital marketing. Therefore, if AI aligns the content marketing, it could be a game changer in the industry. With AI technology it is easy to improve the quality and quantity of content in less time and minimum cost.

2. Using image recognition to get maximum ROI

Before the introduction of artificial intelligence, image recognition was limited to identifying an isolated object in an image. However, in the era of digital technology, AI — enabled software made it possible to get a detailed description of an image. As we all know that social media always preferred visual content. As Facebook feed with image receive, 2 times more engagement and Twitter with image tweets receive 150 more tweets. Furthermore, this AI software can be used in various sectors for various purposes. If we talk about banking and finance sector, AI software enabled image recognition can use for faster payment process and increase the quality of customer security.

3. Quick decision making with Predictive Marketing

The data user search on the internet is now collected for AI analysis. Further, it can also use to explore the user behaviors and requirement. With this information, it becomes easy to supply the relevant information. It makes easy to understand the customer need which definitely reduces the research work and will help a customer in quick decision making. Additionally, it will make SEO trends, banner ads obsolete in the upcoming time. After all, who require website traffic and SEO when you can get a detailed report of your prospect? According to expert David Borshell in the upcoming time, AI will impact the digital marketing from ground level.

Final Words

So, are you ready for the new challenges, technology, and innovation? If not, then get ready to welcome artificial Intelligence in the Hi-tech world, where AI will replace the position of human intelligence from the ground.



“David Borshell is an accomplished Senior Executive and Entrepreneur with more than 30 years of success in the entertainment and media industries.

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“David Borshell is an accomplished Senior Executive and Entrepreneur with more than 30 years of success in the entertainment and media industries.