The Bank of God

I can’t tell you how many “tithing testimonies” I’ve heard over the years. Great stories of putting in their ten percent while at some point receiving it back, if not more. Beautiful, stirring testimony of God at work … all told under false pretense, ulterior motive, and to mislead, intentionally or otherwise. To the casual listener, this sounds like a sales pitch to open an account at the Bank of God with an infinite, but variable APR.

While somewhat true, and Lord knows He can touch hearts regardless of the means of communication, the notion that you could somehow earn or pay towards any of God’s gifts is absolutely absurd.

What I’ve come to learn recently, is that God doesn’t work like a machine in any sense. There’s no input that commands a designated, desired, or let alone predictable output. There’s no algorithm that can describe who receives what and when. God doesn’t fit in that box, nor any other.

Instead, He works through His people.

He stirs the hearts of faithful men and women, although He can and will use the unfaithful as well, towards giving the gifts on His behalf.

I don’t deserve the gifts I’ve received recently. I haven’t earned them in any way. My tithes, although admittedly sparse as of late, have in no way entitled me to such blessings.

But here I am.

In awe.

Unable to form into words the immense gratitude I have towards the gifts, the givers themselves, and the Ultimate Giver, Himself.

In addition to undeserved monetary gifts, I’ve been able to receive time, attention, love, and support from those I have allowed myself to grow somewhat distant from. They never owed me anything. God knows I didn’t earn anything. At this moment, I have nothing to offer any of them in return.

It’s almost like the best and worst place to be, simultaneously.

I am forever grateful, yet feel I owe the deepest debt I will never repay.

I don’t have to, but I feel I need to somehow, some way.

I suppose when the time comes, it will be my turn to follow His leading and bless someone else as I have been blessed. I will have no excuse when that day comes. What more will I be able to say? Someone stepped up for me when I needed it most. How could I not do the same?