Answer: Bunnee Lola Taft

Question: Who Taught Me To Enjoy ‘Jeopardy’ With Alex Trebek?

Alex Trebek on the “Jeopardy” set. Source: AP.

The greatest fan of “Jeopardy” in my experience was my maternal grandmother, Bunnee Lola Zuckerman Taft.

My maternal grandmother, Bunnee Lola Zuckerman Taft, at home in Westport.

Whether I was visiting her at her home in Westport, Conn., or at her home in Hollywood, Fla., we would often watch the television game show together.

There was a television set in the bedroom of both homes.

Grandma would sit on the bed or lie down on it. I would sit nearby on the bed or in a chair.

She would frown her head and listen to the Jeopardy answers posed by Alex Trebek, who died on Sunday, or posed by Trebek’s predecessor, Art Fleming.

When Grandma knew the answer, which was often, she would whisper it or say it in a plain-spoken voice. She did not scream the answer.

I was slow on the pick-up, but I also grew to like Jeopardy. It has been a guilty pleasure in my life, often enjoyed on a whim. During the coronavirus pandemic, I have discovered Jeopardy again with episodes preserved on YouTube.

I will remember the intelligent and likable raconteur who was Alex Trebek for a while. But I will never forget Grandma Bunnee, who was a powerful advocate in my life. She died in 1998 at the age of 94.


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