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Worried by Trump’s Antics? Take 2 Aspirins and Listen to Neal Katyal

Katyal’s podcasts are antidotes to Trump’s legal challenges

Screenshot of Katyal’s Instagram Page From November 12, 2020

Donald Trump’s childish refusal to acknowledge his re-election loss this month enrages many Americans and endangers the country.

We have to put up with Trump’s progressively ridiculous and unsupported court challenges to the election mandate achieved by Joe Biden this month.

How do I know the court challenges are ridiculous and unsupported?

Simple! I l just listen to podcasts by Attorney Neal Katyal, former acting solicitor general of the United States, law professor, and legal affairs analyst in the media. (You can also follow Katyal on Twitter.)

Katyal’s two- or three-minute “Courtside” video podcasts on Instagram quickly demolish all legal maneuvers by Trump’s legal team.

Katyal is the antidote to any fears you harbor that Trump might prevail.

I recommend them for a good night’s sleep.