DAV Insider: Lior Shkoori, Product Manager

Rachel Linnewiel
DAV Network
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3 min readMar 5, 2018


Hello, and welcome to the fifth edition of DAV Insider! Today we’ll be getting a behind-the-scenes look at our Product Manager, Lior Shkoori.

Lior Shkoori, Product Manager

What’s your role at the DAV Foundation?

I am the Product Manager here.

What does your average workday look like?

I have this obsessive (some would say anxious) habit of going through our website and developer portal first thing in the morning, just to make sure everything is in place and that nothing is broken. When I finish this morning ritual I go and make my first coffee for the day. I then open our task board to see what’s in it for me, our designers and the dev team today and to quickly review the tasks that are already in progress. From there I usually hop from the planned tasks, and the unexpected (though not uncommon) things that come in.

What do you feel are your greatest challenges in your role?

What we’re building here is essentially a platform for developers that create their own products on top of our technology. My main challenge here is to provide our developers with a platform that on one hand will be smart and sophisticated enough to support a wide diversity of products, and on the other hand, a platform that would be generic enough so that products can communicate easily and efficiently.

Another challenge is working in this rapidly advancing industry, where we see new breakthroughs and new brilliant technologies coming to the market every single week. Now, as awesome as working in this industry is (and trust me, it is :p), we must keep track of the constant changes, and adjust our tools and products accordingly, making sure they’re always up to date and relevant.

Tell us a funny, quirky or strange story from work.

We’re working at a shared office space where all offices and floors look very much alike. So one day I accidently entered the wrong floor, and from there of course I made my way to someone else’s office. Got inside, and just stood there for a while with eyes on my mobile. After some time I heard someone coughing. I raised my eyes and realized what just happened, made a quick U-turn, leaving the poor guy confused and a little disturbed too, I guess.

Who’s your favourite superhero or fictional character, and why?

Michael Ross from Suits. As a self-taught professional myself, I have a lot of sympathy for this dude who somehow made his way to this mega corporation with the most strict admission standards and working processes, and with not even a basic certificate for what he should be doing in his day to day. A fact that didn’t stop him from winning it all over there.

What gets you excited about DAV?

A decentralized, non-profit platform for autonomous drones, cars, boats, robots, and what not. On the blockchain. Oh and it’s open source. Seriously, what could get a product manager more excited?