How To Complete Your KYC Registration For DAV’s Token Sale

We’re as excited as you are that our KYC process is now live! We are grateful for the patience the DAV community has shown us over the past several months while we’ve worked hard to get to this point. Please see below for full details related to the KYC registration.

You can find the full token metrics and details on the “Full Token Details” section of our website here.

Our main token sale will begin on June 11th, 2018!

Please follow these steps below:

Step 1: Visit to enter your email and click the button “Register for Token Sale”

Step 2: Review and accept the “Terms & Conditions” and location restrictions

Step 3: Enter the details outlined in the form below and click “Continue Registration”

Accepted IDs: We accept all IDs and passports containing MRZ data (example outlined below in red). All passports and most government-issued IDs have MRZ data. We also accept government issued driver’s licenses as long as data is written in Latin letters.

Step 4: Record a 3 second video of you holding your government issued ID or passport while looking directly at your camera. If you are using a cellphone you will be prompted to take a photo instead of that 3 second video. Whether you’re taking the video or photo, your ID or passport details and your face should be clearly visible as illustrated below. Once you’ve completed the video please click “Next Step”.

Step 5: Take a photo of your government issued ID or passport. If using your ID, take a photo of both the front and back of the ID. If using your passport, take a photo of both your passport cover and the passport page with your face.

Passport Cover
Passport Page With Your Face

Step 6: Once you’ve uploaded your identity document, please click “Submit”. After everything is submitted, you will get a confirmation email informing you of your successful registration. If your registration has not been accepted, please take a look at the potential reasons below and try again.

Step 7: Join our community on Telegram and get the latest news and updates about the DAV Token and platform!

Possible reasons for identification failure:

1.Video or photo quality:

  • Picture does not capture all document.
  • Bad lighting — too dark or too bright, shadowed picture.
  • Document information is hidden with fingers/hand.

2. Face identification obstacles:

  • Very old document.
  • Not natural face changes: glasses, beard, moustache, makeup, earrings, tattoo, scars.
  • Face is hidden with hair, clothes, hat.
  • More than one person is in the picture.
  • Identification process interruption — technical problems with internet, software.

3. Document does not meet requirements:

  • Wrong document.
  • Document is not valid.

If you face any issues regarding KYC procedure, please contact us in our Telegram group.

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