5 easy meal fixes for the “young and the time/rest-less!”

In Texas I always used to hear people say “fix a meal!”. Why would you fix a meal? Its not a broken chair! Its not a broken window! Why would you fix it? You cook meals, right! ..apart from the verbiage and colloquial use of the term “fix” really made me think.

For people like us who are working 8 hours a day and are spending at least 2 hours in transit to and from work, cooking 3 meals a day from absolute scratch is…I wouldn’t say is impossible but it does get difficult!

Hence the idea of easy meals that can be fixed with least amount of effort does seem lucrative!

Here are my 5 hacks for fixing a quick meal-

Number 1. Eggs it up!

You busy bees, eggs are your best friends..Keep them handy, always!


Omelettes: Whisk couple of eggs, throw in a good amount of chopped veggies (pre prepped/frozen) and you have got yourself a hearty, proteineous and low carb meal…

If you have got some leftover rice, you can fry it in the same pan real quick, wrap it with the omelette and make yourself a delicious “Omurice”! You are Welcome..:)

Number 2. French Toast


French Toast is one of my all time favorite of breakfast. It is easy, quick to make and very dynamic. You can make some healthy swaps like white bread to whole grain, full fat milk to low fat milk to cut down on calories. You can make them sweet with Cinnamon, Vanilla and brown sugar or savory with Green chilies and Cilantro..there are just so many flavors that you can try…also try different toppings like fruits, cheese, syrups, nutella, peanut-butter, honey…the list can go on! As I said it is a very dynamic recipe of which you can never get bored of! Try these

Number 3: Egg and Potato Salad


I myself love eating hard boiled eggs and freshly boiled potatoes with just sprinkle of salt and pepper, and sometimes even little chopped coriander and sprinkle of lemon!!Trust me, its convenient, full of nutrients and it tastes like pure bliss! Here’s a recipe for the same

Again, you can throw in assortment of veggies/fruits/pasta and make it however you like it.

Number 4. Oat it up!

Oats are easily available, easy to cook, you can make them sweet or savory, they make a great base for many breakfast recipes.

My own 2 minutes oats recipe-



Quick oats (1 cup full)

Low fat milk (1 cup)

Brown Sugar (2 teaspoons)

Cinnamon (1/4th teaspoon)

Almonds (4, diced)

Just dump all the dry ingredients in the milk and bring it to a boil. That is absolutely it! If want, can top it with slices of fruit of choice. This yummy stuff is easy, nutritious, and very filling :)

Number 5. Sandwiches

I know, I know how unoriginal I sound right now..but can you blame me!? Sandwiches are the definition of “fixing-a-meal”. Again there are N number of combinations that you can try. My personal favorite is fried egg sandwich…


You can find some creative quick sandwich recipes here

Well those were my quick meal fixing ideas. I am sure you have yours too…let me know about your quickly fixed meals down below in the comment section.

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