By Tadas

This year we proudly sponsored RubyConfLT. It took place in Vilnius and a bunch of us went there. We got to meet plenty of great local and visiting people, even some friends from Berlin. It was a one day conference, not super big, but great atmosphere and we’re very happy that we went there.

The conference was a nice mixture of non-technical, but inspirational, and quite technical talks. It started with motivational drinking-heavy open source talk and finished with a very technical presentation about the Yaks library for building hypermedia APIs.

I loved the sweets and the snacks.

I really enjoyed this trip, it also was a new destination for almost all of us. Beautiful city and perfect venue. Inspiring talks from great speakers outreached my expectations from a rather small conference like RubyConf Lithuania.

The conference was very enjoyable, and I especially liked the good mixture between motivational talks, presentation of Ruby projects (Shoes 4, Trailblazer, Yaks…) and more general programming talks. The atmosphere was very friendly and we got the opportunity to get to know a lot of nice people. Plus, Vilnius was a positive surprise, I should really go back with some more time!

RubyConfLT was a really interesting and also entertaining conference. The talks have been very inspiring, especially the talks that went beyond rails.

Some moments from there:

Originally published at on April 2, 2015.