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Project management for those who aren’t PM’s. Critical skill.

Almost everything you do is a project. Manage it so.

  • You’re doing something for the first time
  • It involves a bit of time, maybe a few days or more
  • Multiple people are involved
  • Multiple activities are involved
  1. The plan should exist on paper, not just in your head
  2. The plan should be created with those that are involved in the doing
  3. The plan should estimate how long each activity will take
  4. The plan should understand where the order of doing it is relevant, and where it’s not (dependencies)
  5. The plan should be updated frequently to show how the situation has changed. This is critical
  1. Having a plan in your head
  2. Creating the plan alone
  3. Not understanding the dependencies
  4. Not estimating how long each activity will take
  5. Not updating the plan frequently
  6. Saying ‘maybe’ to something that isn’t in the plan without assessing the consequences. It’s either yes or no. (PS. The client hears ‘yes’ when you say maybe, but your team hears ‘no’)

The Network Digram

Project Myths

  • Project plans aren’t useful because the situation changes all the time.
  • Project planning is the responsibility of the project manager
  • You don’t need project plans in Agile



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