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One year on, the three pillars underpinning B2B SaaS

Photo by Jeff Nissen on Unsplash

Solve real problems

“What has become even clearer over the past year is that a proposition that is “nice to have” just doesn’t cut it in the long run,” says Julie.

Prioritise product-led growth

Of course, knowing how to address a specific pain point and sell based on use cases requires a deep understanding of customers. Staying close to customers remains imperative for software businesses. “Good B2B SaaS teams know exactly who to sell to, and who their ICP (ideal customer profile) is”, says Laurens.

Net dollar retention (NDR) is the holy grail

Happy end users mean retained customers. “If you were to ask any Dawn team member what their favourite SaaS metric was, I’m fairly certain they’d say net retention”, says Evgenia. The importance of the metric has only become clearer during the pandemic, and will continue to grow in the future. In such uncertain times, the ability to delight customers was more critical than ever — when many businesses stalled, the ability to retain and upsell was the only way to stay afloat, let alone grow.



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