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The art of category creation: Our partnership with Quantexa

The Quantexa team
  1. Being a multi-trick pony. Originally Quantexa solved a specific problem in a single business unit. Now it’s used by a variety of personas across many use cases — all underpinned by the same CDI engine, demonstrating that this is a broad category (worth $114 billion according to IDC).
  2. Entering new verticals. Quantexa began in banking, and to hit their ARR targets it would have been easiest for the team simply to double down on that vertical. But Quantexa now counts customers in insurance, retail, telecoms, government and tech — proving that CDI is fully horizontal.
  3. Creating an ecosystem and platform. Customers and third parties have already developed their own apps on Quantexa’s APIs and open architecture, enabling the company to scale exponentially. Developers can also level up via the structured ‘Quantexa Academy’ certification.
  4. Becoming the ‘North Star’ for customers. As customers realise what the platform can do for them and begin to co-create alongside it, Quantexa becomes their guide and benchmark to the new world of CDI — positioning Quantexa as the category owner.



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