What Is Self Care?

I am so glad you asked! Self care is so many things! Self care is: saying no, exercising, asking for help, saying “I am sorry”, meditating, getting enough rest, forgiving yourself, eating healthy foods, being vulnerable, learning about yourself, making mistakes, letting go, healing old wounds, going to the doctor, taking a break, knowing what you need, taking deep cleansing breaths, having fun, willingness to change and grow, having sex, finding solutions.

What You Can Do To Include Self Care In Your Daily Life

Make It a Habit

Self care is most effective when practiced regularly.

It needs to become habitual so that it helps in hard times. Consistent self care reduces stress, panic, illness and depression.

The key is to find what works for you.

We are more likely to follow through with things that we enjoy or find helpful. We live in a “quick fix” culture. If you reach for a prescription without self care, it gets harder before it gets easier.

More Tips

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