When a project is selected as the beneficiary for the Phase 1 of SME Instrument in Horizon 2020.

Discover AgroSustain’s experience with Day One!

We always say: a good idea is the starting point, but innovation is much more than this! 
Together with the startup team, we define the product development roadmap and the budget to implement it.
We work together with a network of international investors eager to support the best business opportunities, and we are also good at financing our startups through public funds as the Horizon 2020 framework programme.

And after weeks of work with the Swiss startup AgroSustain, the project “AgroShelf” has been selected as the beneficiary for the Phase 1 of SME Instrument in Horizon 2020!!!

We asked the AgroSustain team to talk about their idea and their work experience with us.

Ok guys, let’s start with you. Could you briefly describe your technology? How did you get your idea? When did you start thinking about the startup?

The idea of developing natural antifungal solutions originated from PhD thesis of Dr. Olga Dubey (founder and CEO of AgroSustain SA) that was further developed with Jean-Pascal Aribot (co-founder, COO of AgroSustain) and PD. Dr. Sylvain Dubey (co-founder, CTO of AgroSustain). 
With the support of InnoTREK, Venture Kick and BRIDGE Proof Of Concept funding we were able to achieve first proof of concept that followed by creating AgroSustain Sàrl (LLC) in May 2018, later AgroSustain SA (PLC).

In 2018 you met Day One. Why did you decide to team up with us?

We liked the team that is consisting of experienced people in business development and product market fit. Reliable and efficient people that makes it easy to work with.

Together with Day One, you decided to apply for the Horizon 2020 SME Instrument. How useful was it to co-create with us this project?

HORIZON 2020 is a great program that gives your startup a stamp as a SME with high potential. However, at times it is complicated to combine application for such a high time demanding grant and combine it with running a company. Thus, partnering with DAY ONE made our application process smoother.

The European project “AgroShelf” has been selected as the beneficiary for the Phase 1 of SME Instrument in Horizon 2020. What does this result represent for you?

Obtaining support from European Union funding agency HORIZON 2020 is a great achievement for AgroSustain SA and we are looking forward to the next steps of this process.

What’s your plan for the future?

To further perform certification and registration of the first product of AgroSustain — AgroShelf+ and bring it on the Swiss and EU markets in the upcoming years.