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daydream nation

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I said “I miss my dad” on Father’s Day, Rose was sitting with me at Mama’s in Oakland having our late breakfast. She was almost seven.

“He is always with you,” she said.

Sitting in my apartment in San Francisco in Bernal Heights feeling the fallout from a breakup. My father was sober for a long time and I was sober for about two years until the summer of 1989. I was living in a small apartment in Kent, Ohio, I was struggling, this was the summer of the big earthquake in San Francisco. I had a big black and white TV, I don’t think it worked at all actually, but I thought I could…

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Charles Keatts

Charles Keatts


Essays, poetry, and prose. Published novelist, memoir pending, new novel, art. I like Proust, Joyce, being sober, trail running, hanging with my kiddo.