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Introducing Collab Requests

Now is the time for online collabs

The world needs creators now more than ever. And, with social distancing, we believe online collabs can help creators take their content (and their network) to the next level— all from the comfort and safety of their own home.

But let’s face it! Whether it’s online or in-person, finding people to collaborate with is hard.

Photo by JESHOOTS.COM on Unsplash

This is why we’re excited to introduce Collab Requests, a new feature that makes it easy and fun to find the right people for your next collab — or simply to connect with new people online or in your city.

Photo by Matheus Ferrero on Unsplash

And, during times like now, creators can use collab requests to form online collabs instead of in-person collabs.

Some examples of online collab requests on Dayflash include exchanging Instagram or YouTube shoutouts, editing a casual photo, illustrating a user’s pet, turning a selfie into art, doing a FaceTime photoshoot, being a guest on a podcast, sharing advice or even playing a game of Fortnite online. With Dayflash’s new Collab Request feature, there’s an endless variety of fun and great collabs that can take place each week between many different kinds of people.

To use this feature, all you have to do is post one or more Collab Requests. After that, the magic happens…. Users who visit your profile can view your images and tap the ❤️ button on each of your requests that they’re interested in. You can then view the list of users who liked your Collab Request — and message anyone who’s a good fit.

How it works: You post Collab Requests to your profile. Other users tap ❤️ to like each of your Collab Requests that they’re interested in. You can then view your list of request likers and message anyone who seems like a good fit.
Easily discover people by interest, location and collab request.
Use search filters to more easily find people by profile tag, location tag and collab request.

And by the way, there are no hashtags on Dayflash, which means all you have to do is add profile tags and location tags to your account once, and then you’re all set to be discovered as you engage. Plus, you can use search filters to find people by collab request, profile tag and location tag, which makes it way easier to find the right people for your next collab.

By connecting people in a way that has never been done before, the Collab Requests feature is designed to empower people to more easily find new people to collaborate with on a regular basis, which can enable creators and enthusiasts to reach new audiences more easily and often through each other — along with more frequently create new styles of content that they otherwise wouldn’t be able to create on their own.

And, more importantly, it’s the images that people share on Dayflash each day that make it so much easier to discover new people, build community and form new collabs.

Many users say they prefer Dayflash over other apps when it comes to their images because they love how Dayflash makes their photos look.

See your photos come to life!
Dayflash’s unique full-screen image display format

Dayflash is the fastest & most immersive photo & video sharing experience on mobile. We’ve invented a unique full-screen image display format that makes people’s photos look more immersive and beautiful than ever before on a mobile photo sharing app.

Photos on Dayflash are rendered in HD quality (1080p). And users especially like that each image is displayed in an all-glass style — no matter what size image they share.

But more importantly, our users especially value that we put our users first, and we don’t believe in Home feed algorithms and making creators paying money to promote their posts in order to get seen.

Since you always get to see posts from the people you follow on Dayflash’s chronological feed, users tend to follow only the people they truly want to connect with, which can make the experience on Dayflash richer, more authentic and more engaging.

Dayflash is not just another photo sharing app. It’s a community. And with Collab Requests, we’re making it easier than ever before to find the right people for your next collab — or simply to connect with new people who share your passion. And, during these times at home, people everywhere can use Collab Requests to more easily form new online collabs — and new friendships — with many different types of people from around the world.

We believe that the Collab Requests feature will help expand people’s personal networks, which will not only unlock new possibilities, but will also take the world of creators — and the content they can create — to new heights that have never been reached before!

So if you’re interested in an easier and more fun way to connect and collab, then be sure to get the app update to see people’s Collab Requests— and tap ❤️ on the ones you’re interested in!

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