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Silken Touch

Two swans

Photo by Raphael Renter on Unsplash

I long to feel your silken touch,
and then reciprocate,
we are two swans on the raft of life,
adrift upon the lake.

We softly whisper to each other,
the words all penetrate,
deep within our inner souls,
each breath we emulate.

We float afar to hidden shores,
then drift into the mist,
and cling close in each other’s arms,
then lips are softly kissed.

Your rapturous and deep embrace,
hold me in heavens grip,
my senses are all sharpened,
I daren’t move or slip.

In metamorphic memories,
we hold on to each other,
for me, there is nobody else,
and for you never another.

As swans, we hover on the lake,
in perfect unison,
swan lake our dance and symphony,
a synergy of the song.

In between the night and day,
there is another land,
where we can live in peace,
and remain close at hand.

Your silken touch upon my skin,
eclipses ecstasy,
and stays with me forevermore,
The ultimate intimacy.

David Rudder
25th August 2021

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