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Daytrip’s reading picks: What’s been happening in travel lately

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What’s the latest news in the Travel Industry that you need to know?

Today we bring you 5 of the most important pieces of news that you shouldn’t miss.

1) Higher Prices Now Changing Summer Travel Plans for Americans:

Nearly 47 percent of Americans traveled in May 2022, 6 points higher than March, signaling a strong start as we get closer to the summer season. However, with the mounting anxiety about an economic downturn. the number of consumers who expect to cut down on travel spending rose sharply.

2) Why It’s Impossible to Rent a Car Right Now:

From Avis-Budget to Hertz, traditional rental companies are struggling to restock their fleets. Now peer-to-peer upstarts are scrambling to fill the gap.

3) Traveller confidence is high, so is interest in sustainability:

The three markets that are most interested in travelling are also the ones most interested in travelling sustainably, according to’s inaugural APAC Traveler Confidence Index, shared at the OTA’s recent industry roundtable event in Singapore.

4) 5 Ways Destinations Can Harness the Power of Localhood Stories:

In an age of ever-shrinking attention spans, destination marketing organizations (DMOs) need to rethink their engagement tactics. In this video, Dan Holowack, co-founder and CEO of CrowdRiff, shares how visual stories can uniquely enable destination storytelling and drive meaningful results.

5) Asia is arising:

Little did I know that when we set April 22 as the date for our “Asia Arising” event to share stories of our region’s travel recovery, that would be the day Thailand and Singapore both decided to scrap all testing for vaccinated travellers.



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