Must Read: Steps to Planning a Memorable Bridal Shower

So, its that time of the year when your best friend, sister or cousin is tying the knot soon. What better way to honour her than to plan a memorable bridal shower. Yes, its supposed to be a mega fun time that would be dearly remembered by the bride and all attendees of the shower.

Traditionally, the bridal shower is a gift giving party for the bride, organised by the maid of honour 4–6 weeks before the actual wedding ceremony. These days, it has been seen to beorganised by any of the close friends of the bride.

For whoever decides to throw this party, it can be a daunting task knowing fully well you have to work with a budget and still pull off a legendary party. The good thing is you don’t have to make these plans all alone, here is the time to call in the girls and put heads together on how to make the bride feel extra special. If you don’t know where to start from, these simple ideas are all you need to help you plan a memorable bridal shower:

4–6 Weeks Before The Bridal Shower

  1. Meet with the Bride: Whether you’re making this a surprise party for her or not, it’s best to meet with the bride to have an idea of how she would like things to go. After all, this shower is suppossed to be in her honour. Get to know her preferences in terms of invitees. If this is a suprise, fill her in on the basics, such as the venue of the party.
  2. Have a budget: I know we want to have a lot of fun and plenty to eat and drink. Having a budget will help you not to go over board with cost. It is poor etiquette to tell guests for your bridal shower to contribute when you probably run out of drinks. Bear in mind that you don’t need to spend excessively before you have a nice time.
  3. Select the venue, time and date: This is one of the most important things to decide on when planning. Whether it is done at a hotel or at home, it’s always advisable to pick a very accessible location. If you are working on a tight budget, then it is best to have the shower in the mid-day for about 3–4 hours when you wouldn’t be required to serve dinner. However, if you have the money to spend, having a sleepover would be perfect.
  4. Choose a Theme: A theme for your bridal shower could be as simple as having a colour code for the decoration and the costume to be worn by the invitees. Picking a theme is very essential as it adds more spice and glam to your bridal shower.
  5. Send out invites: Send out invites for the shower at least 4 weeks before the actual date. Don’t forget to send invites to those the bride really holds dear. On the invites, include the theme of the party, dresscode and a map for easy access to the location.

Few Days to The Bridal Shower

  1. Decorate the venue: Decoration helps to transform the look of your venue and gives a more welcoming atmosphere. Use decor that goes in line with the theme you have chosen for your shower.
  2. Don’t DIY everything: This is not a time to try do everything yourself. I mean, if you aren’t great with decor then contract it out. This goes with the cake too. If you feel you are not confident enough to handle some tasks, then do call a professional to do it.

At the Bridal Shower

  1. Have a time for games: What’s a party without games right? Think about fun games that help the bride relax and have all the girls bond.
  2. Take lots of pictures: Pictures they say, tell a thousand words. Have a photographer take sweet moments of the shower. The laughs, the joyful tears, the decors and even food time.
  3. Gift Unravelling: Have a session for the bride-to-be to open up her gifts. Since the bride would be so busy having lots of fun, also have someone take notes of who presented gifts so she can get to know who gave her what and those to send thank you notes later on.

The most important thing to note when planning a bridal shower is to make the bride feel loved and keep her in a happy mood at all times

source: 7thAprilPhotography

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