Stop Waiting for Approval from Others

Today, I decided to share what happened to me very recently and the lesson I learnt which is this 👇

So, here is what happened:

I and a friend wanted to take on a project that we knew would be of benefit to the community. We had our set goals and plans for exactly how this should go. But we felt we needed to take ‘permission’ from others like us.

And of course, you know what happens when you make your idea open?
Everyone would have an opinion, something to say on how they can make your idea better!

The truth is, when you give into these opinions, they slow your pace and sometimes even cause you to lose that dream or goal. So, let’s continue our little story.

Eventually, we got delayed when trying to listen to others. This made us keep postponing this project until a day came and we realised someone else did exactly what we had in mind and that was it! That person took action and didn’t wait to have the best plan before launching out.

I learned so much from this and just thought to share with you and let you know that if God has given you have an idea, a goal, a vision, a dream, whatever it may be. Guess what? You don’t need nobody’s validation, just go for it! It may be a little step to take but just ensure you start.

Take Action on that idea today because Action is better off than Intention!

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