Code First Girls X DAZN

Naomi Gaynor
Feb 25 · 2 min read

Following on from the talk we did as a part of CodeFest: 2020 with Code First Girls, this year DAZN Engineering is excited to announce that they will be embarking on a partnership with Code First Girls to promote and (hopefully) up-skill female and non-binary individuals in coding and their technical skills!

What is Code First Girls

Code First Girls is a wonderful organisation who runs community courses teaching young women and non-binary individuals coding and technical skills, corporate courses in coding to help demystify coding to existing junior and senior staff, and coding courses for working professionals looking to upskill and change careers. They currently have a community of 20,000+ talented women who they engage with through events to stay in touch, build networks, raise awareness about roles and demonstrate the range of opportunities available in tech.

What We Will Be Doing First

First up we will be hosting and running a MOOC (Mass Open Online Course) for them, this Thursday evening at 6 pm (25th February 2021), where we have an opportunity to introduce ourselves to their community; Helen, Sam, and Natalia will talk them through life at DAZN; Jade and I will then run the course on DevTools in the Browser, while Kaja and Carrie will be tending to the comments section and answering any questions that come through. This is a course that is designed to impart some technical skills and build confidence in the individual discovering the basics of software engineering. This course is open to everyone and accessible to all, so feel free to join if you are interested in learning a bit more about how to use browser DevTools and why they are so useful to developers.

What We Will Be Doing in the Future

Later in the year, we will have the opportunity to talk to university students who take part in the CFG online course, which aims to teach the foundations of web development. Watch this space!

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