Orchestrating micro-frontends

luca mezzalira
Apr 12 · 11 min read
How can we orchestrate our micro-frontends architecture?

Server-side or edge-side orchestrator

Client-side orchestrator

In DAZN we opted for a client-side orchestrator that we called bootstrap.

DAZN loading flow

Initialise the application

Micro-frontends routing

Micro-frontends lifecycle

Micro-frontend anatomy: HTML, JavaScript and CSS files
A slow-motion video for showing how bootstrap loads inside itself the nodes from a micro-frontend

Bootstrap memory and dependencies management

APIs layer for communicating between bootstrap and a micro-frontend


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luca mezzalira

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VP of Architecture at DAZN, Google Developer Expert and London JavaScript Community Manager, Author of Front-End Reactive Architectures: https://goo.gl/ywAmsx

DAZN Engineering

Revolutionising the sport industry