3 Use Cases For DataBlockChain.io

DataBlockChain.io presents many unique solutions to a number of the issues facing businesses. Today, we would like to share some hypothetical use cases for DataBlockchain.io and the solutions that it could bring.

Use Cases:

Case 1: Local Car Dealership

Let’s take the example of a local car dealership for instance. The local car dealer is looking to expand its marketing and advertising capabilities to garner more sales. In order to do this, the dealership decides that it needs more information on local demographic data. It pursues customers that have previously purchased the make and model that they sell and also customers that haven’t purchased a car in the previous four years in hopes of revitalizing its marketing and advertising efforts. The dealership decides to go to DataBlockChain.io to acquire this necessary data. On the platform, DataBlockChain.io is able to provide this data to the dealership in an efficient and seamless transaction. With this newly acquired data, the car dealership is able to ramp up its targeted marketing and advertising efforts to help it compete.

Case 2: Political Campaign

Another prime example would be a local political campaign. Two candidates (Candidate A and Candidate B) are competing for a local seat. Candidate A is the incumbent and has a decent footing already in the district. Candidate B is seeking ways to better target local constituents to be able to compete and doesn’t have a large budget to work with. Candidate B decides to look for voters who haven’t voted in some previous election cycles as well as other relevant data to help better focus their campaign efforts and funds. This candidate decides to go to DataBlockChain.io to acquire this data. The candidate purchases this valuable data and now has the knowledge to better focus their efforts during the campaign.

Case 3: Marketing Agency

One other example would be a small size marketing agency. This agency is looking to ramp up its position in the marketplace to be able to better compete with some of the larger agencies. In order to do so, it needs better data on select demographics to be able to offer more targeted services to its customers. The agency opts to go through DataBlockChain.io to acquire this data to help it compete. It purchases the necessary data it needs via DataBlockChain’s platform at a much more cost-efficient rate than other means. In addition, the data provided to the agency is done so in a transparent way via the Blockchain. Most importantly, the agency can have the highest confidence that DataBlockChain.io’s data has been validated and scored using their proprietary technology using Machine Learning and Predictive Analysis.

Overall, DataBlockChain.io presents many varying use cases that will go beyond what has been discussed today. With seemingly limitless opportunities ahead, DataBlockChain.io is poised to greatly disrupt the data industry and how data is used.

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