Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where is your warehouse located?

A: We have multiple distribution facilities around the globe, but most apparel is printed and shipped out of Northern California.

Q: How much is standard shipping?

A: We ship to well over 100 countries for a flat rate of $4.

Q: What is the quality like?

A: Because of our licenses with Star Wars, Marvel, Blizzard, etc we’re required to keep a very high level of production across our products. All of our shirt blanks for example are a 30 single, 100% pre-shrunk cotton blank.

Q: Will my store be inventory or on-demand?

A: The vast majority of our product offering is on-demand. Meaning no inventory, no upfront costs, nothing will ever go out of stock, and the time from concept to live is a matter of minutes.

Q: Can you make plushies, vinyl figures, and other similar items?

A: WE CAN! Those items would obviously be inventory items but we have quite a bit of licensing experience producing atypical products which benefits you. If you have questions about these types of products you can email us at!

Q: Can I customize my store beyond what’s offered by default?

A: Yes! Our team would be happy to help you customize your store to make it perfect for you! Check out this Diablo 3 example to get an idea of what’s possible: DBH Diablo 3 Collective

Q: Can you make custom esports jerseys?

A: Yes! We can and do currently produce esports jerseys for Evil Geniuses, Winterfox, Alliance, and several other teams. We’re also currently the only merch solution offering 100% true on-demand jerseys. All of our jerseys our sublimated, cut and sew, and the turnaround time from order to ship averages only 3 days!

Q: Can you help me with designs?

A: We have an in-house design team dedicated to producing designs for store owners at no cost to them. It is dependent on their current workload, but we’re also happy to connect you with any of our thousands of partnered artists as well.

Q: Do you have any sort of live merch notifications?

A: We do! We’re currently integrated with Streamlabs and at the end of March plan on launching proprietary notifications that don’t require any third parties or coding knowledge. The notifications are 100% dynamic and pull in the Twitch username of those who purchased (assuming they’ve chosen to provide it).

Q: What is the maximum size on-demand shirts can be printed at?

A: 14.8 inches wide, 18 inches tall. We have some of the best equipment in the world right now and have spent years perfecting our printing process. We believe we have the best direct to garment printing possible.

Q: Who owns the rights to my artwork?

A: You retain all rights to the artwork submitted to Design By Humans.

Q: Do sales or discounts affect the royalties I’m paid?

A: Sales do not alter or change the royalty amount you are paid. If your royalty is $10.00 for a t-shirt sale and the customer has a 25% off discount, you will still be paid $10.00 for that sale.

Q: What does Design By Humans do to help promote my store?

A: Apart from regular features on DBH, newsletter features, and promotion on social - we run retargeting ads for every user on the site as well as targeted ads for campaigns. If you have other ideas for how we can help promote please let us know by emailing

Q: Does Design By Humans sell merch at events?

A: Starting this year we’re rolling out programs to bring influencer merch to events (PAX, SDCC, TwitchCon, etc). We’ll have more information around how you can be involved in the coming months!

Have other questions you’d like to see answered or added? Let us know at!

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