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Hey guys!

As the first official post for the DBHS Code Club Game Development Interest Group (what a title!), I’d like to welcome you all to our interest group. Most of our content will be posted here, so don’t forget to check often to keep updated. Also, I would like to announce that Code Club’s first interest meeting, our Python workshop, will be tomorrow in the Computer Lab next to Room 411 during lunch.

As to our meeting schedule, we’ll try to meet once a month in the library (specifics will come in November), so you all can use the computers to follow along with our explanations. We’ll also be posting supplementary articles here on Medium for those who want to catch up or expand on what we discussed in the meetings. We will also be collaborating with DBHS Video Game Design, so look forward to those workshops too!

Kevin and I will teach basic game development, from core mechanics to 2D and 3D modeling to the actual programming. More important than all these concepts, however, is your own creativity. We only give you the tools to to develop your games, while you have the freedom to use them for your own creations. I hope to see some amazing new games coming from you all soon!

I look forward to working with you all!

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