Action Comics #960 Review

Since Action Comics has gone back to it’s original numbering, alongside DC’s Rebirth initiative, it seems that this whole series has been nothing but fighting and while I know that the title does have action in it, it seems like too much when we have so many things floating around that are just screaming to have their mystery revealed…………. or maybe that’s just me screaming. Either way, we’ve got a human Clark Kent running around apparently with no knowledge of ever being Superman, who also has had a few lines making it seem like the New 52 Superman got him to go into hiding…… which is just crazy. We’ve also got Mr. Oz peering in on all the action from his mystical entertainment center just acting like a creep, but since he hasn’t really done anything besides that, I haven’t been mentioning it in my reviews because like everyone else, I’m just waiting for him to do something. So yeah, we’ve got all that and Doomsday causing a ruckus making us all think back to when Superman and him killed each other in The Death of Superman. Hopefully we get more than just fighting in this issue so that I can stop screaming at a paneled page, but I’m not holding my breath. Let’s check it out.

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