Earth 2: Society Annual #1 Review

It’s Annual week again and while I usually dread when these come around……. simply because I’m invested in a certain story and Annuals like to detour around it, I have to say that I’m really interested in this one because it uses its extra page count to go deeper into the Ultra-Humanite story and explore the character of Dick Grayson as Batman and that’s awesome because even though we’ve spent over a year dealing with our new Earth 2 status quo, we really don’t know dick…….. about Dick. When last we left this story…….. Well, when last we left the story that we’re about to go into, Dick Grayson just found out that his little boy was alive and that he had been genetically aged to sixteen and altered to have superpowers and is one of the Ultra-Humanite’s enforcers. With the knowledge that each of them have about the other being alive, let’s see if we have ourselves a happy Grayson family reunion…….. or if a giant psychic ape shows up and eats all the goddamn potato salad……. You can’t have a family reunion without potato salad……… Let’s check it out.

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