Harley Quinn #27 Review

I encourage anyone that hasn’t watched a roller derby competition to check one out, if feasible. I went to one years ago thinking it would be sort of a goof, and with the intention of watching girls fight. Turned out to be a pretty engaging sport that isn’t hyper-violent or sexualized, except perhaps in the derby players’ assumed names. It’s sort of like football, on roller skates, and played in a circle — and instead of a ball, one of the players is the ball. None of that is important to know, however, when readingHarley Quinn. The roller derby matches in this comic book are primarily slugfests where Harley reaps vengeance on some bullying woman or another. Indeed, last issue they dispensed with the whole derby aspect with Skate Club, which is like Fight Club but on roller skates. We left her just as she was about to tackle a new competitor, the enigmatic and totally not like Deadpool at all Red Tool! How do you think she’ll fare against this challenger? Where are those Diamond shipping numbers again?! Oh, never mind, you can read my review to find out!

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