Harley Quinn and Her Gang of Harleys #1 Review

When I was a kid, there were roughly one zillion gangs in New York City. Most of them were small groups of kids looking for something to hook up after their graffiti tags, but there were a lot of tough crews, too. In my era, the most dangerous gang was — I am not making this up — the Decepticons, a massive number of teens and young adults that would prowl the East Side of Manhattan and parts of Brooklyn, many carrying their trade weapon: a hammer. I only sort of encountered them once, when about three-dozen of them entered a courtyard in which I was hanging out, and me and my friends booked the other way before any of them got near us. I mean, you’d think a gang called the Decepticons would be a bunch of Transformers fans, ready to cosplay at the next comic convention. But nope, these dudes held Manhattan schools in their thrall, and even spawned a gang dedicated to fighting them named (you guessed it) the Autobots. You know what scares me more than the Decepticons, though? A gang of Harley Quinns. For one thing, they’re going to have hammers, too. For another thing, I am way more afraid of a violent crew trying to do good than a crew trying to do bad, because the bad ones will just beat you up and leave. The ones trying to do good will inadvertently beat you up — and then try to help! But do we have anything to fear from this Gang of Harleys, or will it be a playful, jovial romp through modern-day New York City, not unlike an episode of prime-time sitcom Friends in its heyday? What do you think? And incidentally, I’m not going to spoil every last moment of this issue; since I’m getting this review up early in the (American) day, you might see this before visiting your local comic shop, and I wouldn’t want to give it all away before you get there! Is my prudence worthwhile? Read on and see!

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