Justice League of America #9 Review

What the hell is this title doing, coming around and rearing its ugly head out of nowhere like this? I mean, I swore up and down that this series was dead and buried and why wouldn’t I think that, the last issue came out at the end of March………. which in case you don’t already know was a long ass time ago. Don’t get me wrong now, I’m a DC Comics fan so I’m used to delays, but this title isn’t exactly DK3 now is it? I know I’m coming off right away sounding like a negative Nancy, but honesty, I didn’t like this series when the delays were shorter and the idea of going back and trying to figure out what was going on in the last issue sounds not only tedious, but on the verge of torture. What I will do though is relay the information I remember and what I skimmed while going through my last review of this series. Back in that early spring release, we had our Justice League taking on Rao by getting the aid of Parasite to absorb the Kryptonian god’s power and when they reached some superfluous point of power, they activated a energy plant to shock the worshiper’s free will right out of the foe. Too bad that Flash and the Infinity Corporation found that this was the best time to come back from their useless time traveling jaunt and our villain used their Forever Stones to go back in time to ancient Krypton, where he met his younger self and Hal Jordan, who’s been stuck in that time since the beginning of our story. Let’s see if any of this makes any sense as we jump into this issue or if it’s more of the same nonsense. Let’s check it out.

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