We Are Robin #11 Review

This series is one of my favorites from the DCYou and while I think it took a bit of a misstep in its Robin War crossover, besides that we’ve pretty much gotten gold every month and I’ll be sad to see it go. Luckily though, we’re going out with style as the story has moved away from Nests and Talons to good old fashioned teenage angst. Yeah, being a teenager is a pain in the ass and I’ve loved the way that Lee Bermejo has portrayed these characters to reflect that aspect, while piling being a hero on top of everything else. It’s just been a blast and with the introduction of the Jokers Gang in this story arc, we not only get the origin of the Jokerz Gang from Batman Beyond’s time, but we finally get a foil for our heroes that seems right. When we last left our Robins, Smiley and his gang had occupied Middletown High and man were they packing some serious weapons. Let’s jump into this issue and see if our Robins can start working together again to take this threat out before they or anyone else gets hurt in this delicate situation. Let’s check it out.

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