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Find how Online Learning Change the era of Education System

Revolution in Education System

Friends, this is the age of the Internet and as the Internet has become a part of our life, without the Internet, we cannot do anything. Humans have developed new technologies every day to make their life comfortable and we all use this technology. And in the meantime, a new system has come out and that is an online education, so today we will see what online education or online learning is and how online learning is changing the world. From what pros and cons and what the future of online education and how the life of a man will be.

This idea of the traditional education system is changed now. Being physically present in the room isn’t the single education choice anymore- not with the growth of the internet and current technologies, at least. Now, you have access to the level of education whenever and wherever you need, as long as you have access to the machine.

We are now entering the new era of this change in online learning. Online education or online learning is a wise option whether you’re a teen or an individual. As a student, this may be a valuable teaching method for sharpening the skills in a challenging topic or teaching a new skill.

Do you remember the first day of your school, how was it? Perhaps you were very eager for the first day of your school, went to school to go to class, and there, the teacher was teaching on the blackboard with a chalk stick and you were writing in your notebook, right!

But now, you can see or teach even sitting at the house, at your own convenience. You may choose this teacher who suits you the most and will gain quality education even at home. The additional fascinating thing about E-learning is that it is not the teacher-student relation.

It is a peer-to-peer relationship largely where one person of the same quality teaches you something new. As we all have observed that most of the time our person explains the message in a better manner than our instructor. It runs similarly.

What is Online Learning?

Online learning is the kind of teaching and education organization that web-based organizations are part of.

Two great trends will be analyzed:

1. Tele-teaching and Tele-learning organizations

2. Web-based education systems.

Tele-teaching and Tele-education take their origin in recording engineering, which was used for recording and storing speeches on TV tapes and so makes them accessible independent of the live show.

Online education may be defined as the media-based, outside, or asynchronous and supported by some education organizations. It will teach through the internet and electronic media. And online learning reduces prices and doesn’t require specific places for education.


Learn from anywhere:

The main advantage of E-learning is that you don’t have to go anywhere. You can study from home at any university. As well as students and teachers can attend the class according to their time convenience. E-learning is the best solution to balance your work life and study life. This means online learning provides flexibility.

Online courses:

You can learn whatever you want to learn. There are lots of courses available for each and every field. Some of them are paid and some are free of cost. You can choose any of them and boost up your knowledge. Online learning is the best way to use time. Meanwhile, you can learn anything in your free time. In addition, these online courses provide certificates too. It will help you to make your resume strong.

Age doesn’t matter in E-learning. This means there are no age criteria to learn any course. As well as online learning is accessible from everywhere. -Janki Makawana

Low cost:

You can study at a low cost. You don’t have to pay for any kind of traveling cost. Furthermore, in a paid course, there is a scheme of online payment and scholarships too. Students can pay fees through installment. So, this is the best option than traditional learning.


  • E-learning may cause a lack of social interaction. By this, a student misses social life and it will be difficult for the student to make relationships with anybody.
  • There will be no face to face interaction with anybody.
  • It may cause a lack of self-motivation in students.
  • Students can’t learn things other than education like discipline and can’t see the other student’s talent and skill.

The technology era of smartphones and laptops has occupied our time and changed the way we think. Nowadays, sitting in a small area bound by four walls and trying to increase knowledge seems like an old building. It doesn’t matter whether the class is taught in the classroom or online, what matters is how this class is made up and instructed by the teacher. Thus, any method of presenting knowledge will be productive, it’s simple, how we develop it.


Giving modification to education is no easy task. Online education has become well accessible and cheap. With the aid of online video platforms, education models, and multiple audio, television, and visual learning matter that training and consciousness have been spreading very fast. Actually, E-learning is the best way of learning. And we can say that online learning will change the future of education and the world!

Content Creator : Makwana Janki

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