DCC Weekly Update — November 7, 2018

DCC Around the World

Stewie Speaks at Youth and Tech Workshop

On October 30, Stewie joined the Youth and Tech workshop in Hangzhou, China, and gave a presentation on blockchain technology. He talked about the history of blockchain, as well as its application in various financial services, including cross-border payment, insurance and STOs. Citing real-world cases and trending events in the industry, Stewie also emphasized the importance of blockchain in privacy protection and data security.

DCC at Beijing International Finance Expo 2018

We were excited to participate in the blockchain session at the Beijing International Finance Expo 2018, held between November 1–4.

Centered on the theme of “openness, revolution and innovation,” we chatted with experts and fellow entrepreneurs about the possibility of making finance more inclusive, efficient and convenient with a blockchain-based infrastructure.

DCC at Block Club Chengdu 2018

On October 30, we presented DCC’s roadmap at Block Club Chengdu 2018, showcasing our distributed ecosystem for financial services, especially the public chain built to empower customers and businesses around the world.

As we continue to develop our ecosystem, we’ll create more blockchain-based solutions for more scenarios, such as wealth management, asset trading and registration of creditor’s rights.

Tech Developments

The DCC platform

  • The smart contract customized for Vietnamese customers will be available on the DCC Open Platform by mid-November.
  • We’ve updated the data verification logic in the anti-fraud contract supported by Tongdun.
  • We’re developing the dual-encryption section of the personal data management framework.


  • BitExpress is a DApp supported by the DCC ecosystem, enabling users to maintain credit data, apply for crypto loans and maintain a loan record. It also provides a deposit program with fixed interest rates, which is available to users around the world. Try it on www.bitexpress.co!
  • We’ve concluded the code audit with help from Jon Wick Security.
  • A new section dedicated to credit loans will be available by the end of November.
  • The interactive gaming section, Secret Garden, is expected to launch by late November so stay tuned!
  • We’re configuring the back-end settings and running tests on the customized version for Vietnam, which will launch together with the DCC smart contract for Vietnamese data verification services.

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