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D¢ENT Co. Discord Invite Contest

At D¢ENT Co., we forge the physical and the digital worlds together by creating exclusive NFT authenticated apparel & fine goods. In our pursuit to perfect the ‘phygital’ experience, we will be dropping multiple experimental collections, each with its own unique NFT interactions to the crypto-enthusiast community.

That’s where you come in… The community!

Our fresh new discord server, the D¢ENTR Network will be the nexus point where we converge with our customers, collectors, and window shoppers. To kick things off right we are prepared to reward our early supporters!

This is where we announce our DISCORD INVITE CONTEST! The first of many campaigns where we incentivize mutually beneficial activity. In this case, new members in exchange for a chance at some ultra-limited NFT authenticated D¢ENTR Champion hats and some sweet-sweet tokens. Here’s the plan:

Terms & Details:

  • The competition opens Wednesday, April 7th at noon PST
  • The competition ends May 1st at 12:00am PST
  • Winners will be announced on the evening of May 1st
  • Abuse such as purposely inviting fake members will result in disqualification
  • Employees are not eligible to participate

Prizes & Rewards:

The 3 top referrers will each receive 1 of 3 DLtd. Edition individually embroidered hats, connected to a DLtd. Edition NFT proving the item’s authenticity. In addition, they will earn an airdrop of our forthcoming community token, $PHYGT.

PLUS… The first 20 people to rack up 20+ completed invites will receive a holographic sticker pack and smartphone pop-grip.

Achievement Bonus:

  1. If we reach 1,000 members before the end of the competition we will airdrop $PHYGT to all participants with 20+ completed invites.
  2. If we reach 2,000 members our 3 winners will receive the first of only 1,000 exclusive D¢ENTR Membership NFTs.

How to Create an Invite Link:

Follow these steps to get the most out of your invite link

If you have generated the link as shown, you can be sure that no matter when your friends join, the link will always be valid for them, It also means you can use the same link throughout the competition.

Some Pointers to Nail this Contest:

  • Try to send a personalized message along with the invite, as well as some context to what the server is about. This increases their chances of joining with your invite link.
  • For the person to count, they will have to stay a member on the server for the entire duration of the invite contest.
  • DO NOT spam people’s DM’s with your invite link, especially by going through the member's list of another server, if this action is reported to us you will be warned and then disqualified.
  • NEVER ask anyone on the D¢ENT server to exit and rejoin with your link instead.
  • For any further questions or queries, feel free to tag or DM @CryptoDude#8213 to help you out.
  • Remember, this is a server of people enthusiastic about NFTs and the physical items we associate with them, treat all members with respect and always follow the #Rules

Follow Us & Join the Community:
Discord: https://discord.gg/Kb2XS2GDXq
Twitter: https://twitter.com/DcENT_HUMANS
Flote: https://flote.app/dcent



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