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Bitcoin(BTC) SegWit is now supported on D’CENT Biometric Wallet

Released on (May 20th, 2020), D’CENT Biometric Wallet firmware update (v.1.9.2) supports Bitcoin SegWit(bech32) account.

You will immediately notice the difference in Bitcoin addresses between Legacy and SegWit, the native SegWit(bech32) address starting in bc1.

Although the formats for Legacy and SegWit addresses are different, they are still compatible. This means you can use the Legacy address to perform a SEND transaction to the SegWit address or vice-versa.

A good reason to migrate Bitcoin funds from your Legacy account to the SegWit account is that the latter incurs a lower transaction fee.

Firmware Update (Version 1.9.2)

To perform the firmware update, please visit https://dcentwallet.com/support/FirmwareUpdate.

Detailed instruction on performing the firmware update is found below:

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