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D’CENT App Wallet is now available for iOS

D’CENT Mobile App for iOS

D’CENT Wallet has recently released an iOS version of Mobile Application on the App Store on April 27th, 2020.

Download the D’CENT mobile app from the App Store.

In version 3.0.2, iOS users can now use the new App Wallet feature which is a FREE to use software version of crypto wallet. This mean that the App Wallet does not require a companion cold storage devices such as Biometric Wallet or Card Wallet.

Which coins are supported?
Currently, the App Wallet supports Klaytn (+KCT) and Ethereum (+ERC20).
In the future, we will be adding more support for various coins/tokens.

A brief look at the App Wallet mode:

Run the app and you will be asked to select a wallet mode. Choose the App Wallet if you don’t have a D’CENT hardware wallet.

When the App Wallet is run for the first time, it will automatically create 3 different coin accounts.
1) Ethereum (ETH)
2) DAI Stablecoin (ERC-20)
3) Klaytn (KLAY)

By pressing the (+) button on the bottom, you can add other cryptocurrency accounts for KCT and ERC-20 tokens.

Where is the backup?

Under the “Manager”, there is a backup submenu which will display your 24 mnemonic codes when you enter the password.

NOTE that this mnemonic code is for recovering your wallet on a D’CENT Biometric Wallet.

What else is new?

The “Event” tab has been added to the menu on the bottom. We are very happy to introduce a very fun DeFi service to our iOS phone users.

All4One” is a weekly savings lottery based on “PoolTogether” and D’CENT is a sponsor in the pool, which means that D’CENT wallet users can join the pool for FREE and get a chance to win the prize every week.

Download the D’CENT mobile app from the App Store.

Have fun and good luck to you all!

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