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D’CENT FTSO Portal — Address update of the [sToadz] FTSO provider

Hello, Flare & Songbird Community!👋

We’ve updated the list of providers in the D’CENT FTSO Portal to reflect the New Addresses of a popular signal provider, sToadz FTSO.

You can meet the updated sToadz FTSO provider in the D’CENT FTSO Portal. Note that the updated sToadz FTSO has the new LOGO and new addresses for Flare and Songbird.

✅ New Addresses of the sToadz FTSO
Flare Address: 0x729589694a78FF2D8BACf75b7AC4389bd53ee533
Songbird Address: 0x6Bf25C0256CBE8969424F6994e19Cf5e0A3C23Bb

The sToadz FTSO team communicated with the community, advising all Delegators to undelegate from the legacy sToadz FTSOs.

How to undelegate from a deprecated FTSO provider address

In the D’CENT FTSO Portal, the existing delegation to a deprecated FTSO provider address will be displayed in GRAY text.

It is recommended to undelegate ASAP from any deprecated FTSO provider address since rewards can no longer be accumulated from your existing delegation.

  1. Click on “Undelegate”.
  2. Select the FTSO provider you’d like to perform undelegation.
  3. Confirm and sign the transaction to complete the undelegation.

[D’CENT Wallet]

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