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D’CENT Wallet and AGOV: Partnership Announcement!

D’CENT Wallet is pleased to announce a partnership with VitalHint, which operates the physical commodity-based NFT project AGOV, which aims to closely connect the offline real economy with the online digital economy.

Through this partnership, D’CENT Wallet will integrate and support AGOV’s cryptocurrency AGOV (KCT protocol) which acts as the membership and also as the governance token of the ClubRare NFT marketplace platform. In addition, the Klaytn-based NFT tokens purchased from the ClubRare can be stored in D’CENT Wallet.

The main collaboration effort includes D’CENT wallet integration with the ClubRare marketplace platform to provide users with easy and secure access to the service. ClubRare is expected to launch in August 2021, and the service will be accessible to participate in NFT auctions directly from the Dapp browser in the D’CENT Wallet.

D’CENT Wallet in collaboration with the AGOV team, we are excited to provide improved accessibility of ClubRare and a safer service environment to users.

About AGOV

VitalHint’s AGOV is the world’s first physical commodity-based NFT platform project. In particular, AGOV aims to enable effective blockchain-based transactions beyond the offline limits by tokenizing physical products with scarce value through the NFT marketplace ClubRare, which trades limited edition physical products.



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