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D’CENT Wallet and BinStarter: Partnership Announcement!

D’CENT Wallet is pleased to announce a partnership with BinStarter, the first decentralized multi-chain launchpad with insurance protocol that aims to protect investors from potential financial risk in newly launched Initial Dex Offering (IDO) projects. The BinStarter’s innovative Anti-Fraud Insurance Protocol will provide users with a fair, transparent, and rewarding opportunity in the IDO investments.

Through this partnership, D’CENT Wallet will integrate and support BinStarter’s cryptocurrency BSR (BEP20 protocol) which provides the following utility in the BinStarter ecosystem:

✅ Project-based advantages given to BSR holders according to their level.
✅ Priority purchase opportunity in projects published on BinStarter.
✅ Stake $BSR on BinStarter and get a fair share of project revenues.

The main collaboration effort includes D’CENT wallet integration with the BinStarter platform to provide users with easy and secure access to the service. Users can participate in the IDO by accessing the BinStarter service from the Dapp browser in the D’CENT Wallet.

D’CENT Wallet in collaboration with the BinStarter team, we are excited to provide improved accessibility of the BinStarter platform and a safer service environment to users.

About BinStarter

Binstarter is an IDO platform with Binance Smart Chain-based, decentralized, optional collateral projects, that allows simple, easy, and low-cost swap possibilities for pool builders and liquidity providers. Binstarter provides predictable liquidity collection for projects while ensuring transparent transactions with collateral and fixed swap rates for liquidity providers.



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