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D’CENT Wallet integrates transaction request protocol (EIP681).

Hello D’CENT Fam!👋

We are excited to announce our latest update which integrates EIP681, a transaction request protocol that can be used to request crypto payments by URL. Transaction request protocol is supported for Ethereum, Polygon, and many more Ethereum EVM-compatible networks that are available in D’CENT Wallet.

EIP681 is an Ethereum Improvement Proposal that defines a standardized method of requesting payments in ether or ERC20 tokens. The protocol uses a standardized URL format for payment requests that instantly invokes the user’s wallet app populated with the correct transaction information of the payment which can only be confirmed by the (authenticated) user.

D’CENT Wallet support EIP681 in the method of using the dynamic link. Below is an example of how the service flow looks when USER#1 makes a request for payment to USER#2.

1) USER#1 creates transaction detail with a payment request in the amount of 0.5 MATIC. In this example, the transaction detail is created in a QR code form and this information is presented to USER#2.

2). USER#2 scans the QR code using the camera (QR scanner) of the mobile phone. When scanned, the D’CENT App will be triggered with the payment request transaction details such as the requested amount and the beneficiary address (USER#1 wallet address) populated automatically.

3). USER#2 would simply double-check all the transaction details and then confirm the transfer by authenticating himself.

For detailed information about the EIP681 integration in the D’CENT Wallet, please refer to the developer’s guide.


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D’CENT Wallet
is created by IoTrust, a company founded by security experts with over two decades of security know-how and engineering experience in developing deeply embedded security solutions based on secure-chip technology (SE and TEE). D’CENT Wallet aims to protect users’ digital assets by combining software and hardware security solutions. Users can choose the Biometric Wallet, Card type Wallet, or Software Wallet.

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